Bring Me Down Fanfic

Bring Me Down. (Lauren’s story for now)

I’m kinda just going out on a whim here.. I figure why not write a McLaina story? Right now this is just Lauren, but I swear Scotty will be included soon enough. I promise. This is mostly going to be in journal form from Lauren, but other things that happen and other POV’s will be included. P.S. This is taking place in 2016.

Chapter One:

July 26,2016

So, I had a meeting in Nashville a couple of days ago. That is seriously the last thing I remember. I remember walking into the room, with all my crew and my manager Jill just sitting at this big long table staring at me like I was some two year old who just ate a dog treat or something. I didn’t know why until I turned around and seen him standing behind me. Okay, I know it’s their job and everything,but I thought it was supposed to be done from a distance. It’s was the paparazzi guy. Here’s how it started, I think. 

It was like 6’oclock at night wayy back in 2012. It was July, how ironic is it that all of this happens again four years later in the same month. I just had sung at the Opry and Scotty, still kills me when I say, well type his name, was in town and we had hung out a little earlier that day. He was in town working on his new album and a Christmas album, guess he had to make up for taking a break to finish his senior year, as we said back in the day SMH. Anyway, focus Lauren. So after the Opry I went over to the hotel Momma Judy, Ashley, and Scotty where staying at. Yes, I still call Judy Momma Judy. I think it’s a habit that will never be broken. Only been doing it for 6 years. When I left the Opry house momma said she was gunna go ahead and go back to the hotel and I needed to be back by 1. I went and got a taxi, I could’ve walked, but it was pushing 11 and I wasn’t taking chances. I got in, told the driver where I wanted to go, he took me there, then the next thing I know I’m getting out and headed for the lobby door about to ask Scotty what the room number was again, I’m a little forgetful sometimes. I had just pressed call on my phone, thank God. Then the next thing I remember is arms wrapping tightly around me and carrying me off into lord knows where. Of course here I am screaming at the top of my lungs, with my eye’s closed, and kicking my legs. Great self defense, right? The guy, was masked, for awhile. He slammed, well it wasn’t very aggressive, the guy obviously didn’t want to hurt me, too bad anyway, up against a brick wall. The guy pulled the mask off his face and I noticed he had a camera around his neck, great a paparazzi murder, cool.  He started kissing me! Yeah, kissing me. As much as I hate to say it now, thank God I made the phone call to Scotty. Right after the paparazzi murder dude, or whatever you want to call him, started kissing me who appeared? Non other than “super Scotty” to save the day. Back then, I was seriously head over heels for the guy, but he was struck on Gabi, who might I add actually isn’t that bad! Now anyway. So with her in the picture I seriously had zero chance of winning him over. That’s the last thing I remember. Seeing my knight in shining armor appear.<—-  Can I just throw up all over myself for even calling him my knight in shining armor back then. umm.. ew. He’s a jerkface. Okay, Lauren, focus. So there he was, gorgeous, perfect, blue eyed, deep voiced, t-shirt, blue jean wearing, momma loving, four wheel driving, Sunday morning and Wednesday night church going, baseball playing…snap out of laur! Anyway, there was Scotty, running toward me to save the day, came out yanked the dude off me and the last thing I saw was Scotty throwing a punch, yes, Scotty punched someone, shocking, I know. After that, I blacked out.

Who knows what would have happened to me that night if Scotty wouldn’t have appeared. So props to Scotty for saving the day..well night. The guy appeared again in 2013, but Daddy and the security guards where around so, it wasn’t a big deal. Oh yeah, I have to walk with security guards everywhere again. Zero freedom. Which with guy roaming around I’m okay with them. Now that Scotty isn’t around to protect me anymore…

There it is y’all! First chapter! Let me know what you thought! :) Thanks for reading! God Bless! xoxox<3

Bring Me Down. (Lauren for now)

Here’s the second chapter! Hope y’all like it! :)

July 26,2012
The way I left off earlier made it seem like Scotty had died. He hasn’t, but technically the Scotty I knew back then, had. Gosh, I made this to tell my new life, how my life has been these passed few years without my Scotty always being there for me. Here’s what happened.

It was after the CMT Awards and the music festival had just ended. It was 2013. The festival ended the night before and mine and Scotty’s families decided to stay a few more nights. Both of our families (including us) shared a hotel suit. This is the last time me and Scotty said more than two words to each other. We had a thing going that was kind of like what happened back in the Idol days. Kiss every now and then, cuddle, and we did some making out here and there. We where basically together this time and we weren’t denying rumors, but we weren’t saying if they where true or not. By now, his and Gabi’s relationship was on the rocks. He wasn’t really two-timing. Turns out it was a little worse than that. Like I said, looks like the Scotty I fell in love with in 2010 was long gone. That hot night in July of 2012 was the last night real Scotty made an appearance. It only took me a year to figure that out.
“Hey Laur!”
“Yeah Scotty?”
“Brad just texted me and asked if we where still in town and wondered if we wanted to go over to his place and swim?”
“Yeah! I’d love too! It’d be fun!”
“We gotta watch the flirting tho. Cameras are gunna be every where.”
“Scotty, we’ve been the same all week, and cameras have been around 24/7. What’s the big deal now?”
“I don’t know.. I just have a funny feeling.”
When we got to Brad’s house we both went our separate ways, no big deal. Until some chick was hanging all offer Scotty and to make it ten times worse..he was totally okay with it. Scotty is never okay with that kind of thing. At least old non player, Scotty didn’t. Next thing I know me and Carrie are in the pool, I look up, Scotty is hand in with this chick, later I found out her name was Amanda, headed into the house. Everything we needed was outside already or in the pool house so noone needed to go in. Of course, I got curious. I told Carrie I would be right back and followed them into the house. I mean I was kinda his girlfriend, right? Anyways, I walked in on the make out session that was occurring between the two of them. I stood in the doorway frozen, I had to have looked like a deer caught in the headlights. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t speak, that was the moment Scotty McCreery broke my heart. Okay, yeah, it was cruel of us to be going behind Gabi’s back and all and I really shoulnt have thought anything about it, but what else are you supposed to do when the boy your in love with, who has a girlfriend, is making out with someone other than you or his girlfriend. ^ talk about a screwed up life. I should’ve known when he was okay with us going behind Gabi’s back that he had changed. Guess I was just blinded by love. I better save some more ranting for tomorrow and head to bed. It’s like 2 AM already and I have to be up in 6 hours for a meeting. Hopefully no creepy stalker guy this time.

There’s chapter two.. I’m going crazy with this story! Already 6 chapters finished! Let me know what ya think! Thanks for reading! God bless! Xoxox <3

Bring Me Down. (Lauren for now)

Chapter 3.

“You can’t appreciate the time it takes, to kick a love I always knew was kinda wrong, and as I’m putting out the flame, somebody brings up your name.”

July 27,2016
I just got back from my meeting. No creepy guy. BUT SCOTTY. SCOTTY WAS AT MY MEETING. OUR MANAGERS WANT US TO BE BRING MCLAINA BACK FULL SWING. What is this. I can’t do this. Today was the first time I seen Scotty in three years. Three freaking years. And how did he act? Like nothing freaking happened at all at that party. He’s all excited about this.  Guess what else.. A WHOLE FLIPPING DUET ALBUM FOR US. Yeah, I love my fans and this is what they have wanted since we where on idol. I wanted it then. I can’t handle this now. God, did I mention what he looked like today. We where on idol when we where 16 and 17, we had our fling when we where 19 & 20. Scotty was still Scotty, but he was older, more buff, more…gahh. Gorgeous. His blue eyes? Like do they get bluer every year? What even. I sound like a fangirl on tumblr and twitter right now, but what else am I supposed to do. I’ve been in love with Scotty for 6 years, he breaks my heart, and today he just shows up out of nowhere gives me a hug, yes he hugged me, and is all happy about this tour and duet. Like I can’t handle this.   Seriously I rarely get the urge to drink, but I need one. STAT.  I might just call up Jerr and pray she can go out tonight. Seriously, I need her to talk to. Maybe we can think of way to get me out of this. 
-End Lauren’s journal entry-
“LaLa?! What’s up!!”
“A whooolllleee lot. You busy tonight?”
“Nope, just gunna sit around the house, what are you up to?”
“Can we go out tonight. I need to talk to you, new tour, new album, and you won’t believe who appeared out of nowhere today.”
“Ohhhh! Sounds interesting! What time?” 
“How about 8?”
“Sounds good. Are we gunna need a DD?”
“As much as I want to drink, I feel like  this isn’t something to drink over. I gotta deal with this without being under the influence.”
“Alright, see ya at 8.”
*8:25 at the Hard Rock Cafe: Nashville* 
“Scotty. Is. Back. Jerr.”
“WHAT?!” Jerrica practically yells as the waiter bring out your food.
“Yup, he showed up at my meeting today. Our managers are throwing us on tour together. They’re calling it the “No Regrets” tour. I seriously think they’ve based it off of the Gary Allan song. Love the song, hate the tour that’s gunna happen.”
“Oh that’s gunna be a fun time for you.”
“And a duet album. What makes it worse is that Scotty acted like NOTHING happened.”
“Oh my gawd. Are you for real?”
“Yup.” Lauren and Jerrica talked about the whole thing the rest of dinner. When they finished they walked out of the restraunt, Lauren signed a few autographs and they where on there way. 
“Jerr, thanks for talking to me tonight, I was about to loose it.”
“No probl-“

That’s chapter three! Hope y’all enjoyed! Cliffhanger! :) thanks for reading!! God Bless! Xoxoxo

Chapter 4- Part One.

“Just an hour or two, is better than none of you, I miss you.”

August 9,2016
I’ve been in some hospital in this town called Nashville for about 13 days. I just got back ‘home’ in Rossville. My ‘best friend’ Jerrica told me I used to enjoy doing this and that maybe if read some of my old journal entry’s stuff would come back to me. So far, I apparently used to be in love with some Scotty McCreery guy, he had a girlfriend, but was with me too? He had a make out session with some girl, and apparently I’m going on your with him and making a duet album with him.  I googled him, he’s pretty adorable. Those old journal entries where right, he’s pretty perfect. I found some pictures of us on my computer and in my room too. We where defiantly in love.. Kinda sucks I don’t remember. I really don’t have any background on what went one when I was on American Idol, or what happened on the American Idol tour, but when I was in the hospital I kept having this dream: 
I had my long two-toned hair, I was in a black dress(which I love, it’s gorgeous), and one cowboy boot, with a cast boot on the other foot. Momma told me I had fell down the stairs while on the tour, and that’s about all I know. Anyway, I hear the singing of this guy, it’s really muffled and to be honest, I can’t even understand him, I can hear myself clear as day, me and this guy know how to work the stage and have a lot of chemistry. I can’t see who he is, but this feeling of happiness comes over me every time I wake up. Shoot, that’s my momma calling from downstairs, I’ll write more on this later. I hope my life will come back to me. It seemed awesome. 

That’s part one. I hope y’all enjoyed it. Thanks for reading! Let me know what ya think! God bless! Xoxox

Chapter 4- Part Two.

“Take each day and make it last, cause you turn around and your future is the past.

August 9,2016
The doctor was just downstairs. I totally forgot to type in the earlier entry about what happened. I guess for future reference I probably should. So, here’s what Jerrica and everybody has told me. Me and Jerrica went out, she was helping me with some Scotty problem and we had just left Hard Rock Cafe and she looked over at me for a half second to tell me “no problem” I screamed “Jerrica watch out!” and the next she knew a big F-250 slammed right into us, head on. We are seriously lucky to be alive. Yeah, I have zero memory of my life, but I’m alive. The doctor told me just now downstairs that memory should be back by October, just in time for the tour and the recording of this duet album. So.. Fingers crossed. Scotty texted me a few minutes ago too.
-End Lauren’s Journal Entry-
-Begin Scotty & Lauren Texting-
“Hey, Laur. I know..I know you probably have no idea who I am. Or why I’m even texting you. I hope your okay. I talked to Momma Suddeth. I’m headed to Rossville right now.”
“oh..umm hey Scotty. I have pictures with you everywhere on the internet, umm.. I guess I do know you. Haha. Umm. Okay! Maybe you can help jog my memory.”
“Hah! Yeah, we used to take pictures together all the time. We’re kinda known as ‘McLaina’ but I’ll fill u in on that later. See ya in about an hour.”
-End texting-
*One Hour Later* 
Lauren didn’t really know what hit her when she went to answer the door. As soon as she seen Scotty, she burst into tears. He pulled her in a hug and didn’t say a word. He just held her there for a good 10 minutes, rocking back and forth. Scotty honestly didn’t know what to say. 
“Scawty. I’m sorry.” there it was. Probably the only thing left that was thing about Lauren. The way he said her name. 
“Sorry for what Laur?”
“For opening the door and bursting into tears.” 
“It’s okay. How about we sit on the porch swing, maybe I can help you out with remembering.”
“Alright, should I start at Hollywood week, or the finale where you planted one on me on national television?”
“I did that!? Gawd. That’s embarrassing.”
“That’s not even the most embarrassing thing that happened to you on national television.”
“Well, let’s get it to it! It’s gunna be a long night!”
*Scotty’s thoughts to himself*
She’s still a chatterbox. No where near as peppy as she used to be. I guess loosing your memory can drain even the peppiest of all girls. I hope I can jog her memory. If anything, this is my chance to make all the crap I put her through better, and I can have my Lauren back. 

“I need you, gotta have you, in my life by side, every day I’m alive, every nigh that I’m breathing I need you.”

I hope this cleared the air for y’all! Sorry about the last confusing chapter! Thanks for reading! God bless! Xoxo.                                                   

Bring Me Down-Chapter 5

-Lauren & Scotty-

“I fell down 10 flights of stairs on national television?”
“Yup, right when we got to the mansion, you where coming down them and bam! Lauren’s falling down the steps.” 
“Okay, I was a chatterbox, clearly I was clumsy, and the runner up of American Idol Season 10 in 2011. Thanks for filling me in some Scotty. Do you know where I can find any of my performances?”
“You’re welcome! Try YouTube. Fans post everything there.”
“Alright, umm.. How long are you in town?”
“A few days, your parents wanted me here to help you out, I’m staying at a hotel about 20 minutes away.”
“Oh, alright! Well thanks again!” Lauren said standing up.
“You’re welcome, again!”
Scotty gave Lauren a hug, said my to Kristy, JJ, and Tyler, and he was on his way.

August 13,2016
Scotty has been coming over for the past few days. He’s been telling me all this stuff from Idol and our friendship/relationship, I just wish I knew what he was talking about. Hopefully everything will come back to me by October. With a whole lot of prayer maybe it will come back soon enough. Scotty and I have gotten super close, we’ve been texting a lot lately… I can see what I liked so much about him, southern gentlemen, he loves God, and his momma. He told me about the jerk stuff he did to me. No wonder I was so harsh in my previous entries. Jerrica told me about how heartbroken I have been for the past three years. Everyone either of them talked to me about it I felt a ping in my stomach, like the feelings where coming back, but just for a brief moment. This me, the no memory Lauren, just might be falling in love with Scotty, but I wonder what happens when my memory comes back? 
-End Lauren journal entry,for now-
“Hey! You’ve reached Lauren Alaina, leave me your name or your number, or both! God bless!”
“Hey Laur, I’m sorry, you have no idea. You know I love you right? This may be to late to fix anything. I’m officially single now. I’m just so sorry about what happened a few weeks ago. I know I screwed up. Please talk me. We gotta fix this.”

*Is this a dream? Who is leaving the voicemail? This is my failed attempt at making my story dramatic and leave y’all on edge. Haha!

There’s chapter 5! Hope y’all enjoyed it! I hope I didn’t confuse y’all to much! Thanks for reading! God bless! Xoxoxo

   Being Me Down- Chapter 6

*This chapter may have so much cute McLaina interaction that we will all have to go and rewatch every Scotty & Lauren moment on YouTube*
"A little game of guess who and how’s my baby." 
I had this dream last night, it was just me with my phone to my ear, listening to a voicemail. A voicemail from Scotty. I have know idea when I got it, obviously, if it hasn’t happened in the passed week or so I’m completely clueless. Apparently Scotty broke up with who ever he was dating, he said he was officially single, he also said he was  sorry, again..for what I have not the slightest idea. I guess it’s time to bring up what ever he did to break my heart.
-End Lauren’s Journal Entry-
"Knock, knock!" Lauren heard the knock on the door with a familiar deep voice coming through the other side. 
"Who’s there?" Lauren replied trying to go along with the joke being as serious as possible. Over the past few days Lauren and Scotty  have gotten really close again, he said it was almost back to normal between the two of them, only if Lauren knew their past. 
"An American Idol winner!"
"hmm.. That’s a hard one." 
"It’s Scotty!" he said opening Lauren’s bedroom door and walking in. 
"Do you need me to fangirl like all the girls do on your Twitter?"
"Naw. Speaking of Twitter when will you be back on?"
"I’ve been back on, just not posting tweets. It’d be too weird ya know?"
"Well, what if I tweet you?"
"I’d tweet back in the most Lauren wy possible." 
"Well, let’s give twitter a whirl today then!" Scotty said pulling out his iPhone 7 and opened up the twitter app and typed out his tweet:
"Hanging out with @Lauren_Alaina, trying to get her to return to twitter! She still needs prayers that she will get better soon! #McCreerians and #Alainers unite in prayer." 
Lauren’s phone dinged with the twitter notification, as it had been a lot lately, but she decided to have it notify her so she could read her fans tweets to her, maybe it would help her remember. 
"Aww, Scotty that was sweet!"
"I try." he said to Lauren with a wink.
Lauren began to type her reply and begin her return to Twitter.  
"Well Alainers, Mr. @ScottyMcCreery talked me into coming back on twitter. Thank y’all so much for the prayers & love."
"Does that sound Lauren enough? I don’t want them to be like, ‘Yup Lauren is never coming back.’" 
"It sounds Lauren enough, and Laur, don’t think like that.  Every single Alainer knows the Lauren they love will come back." 
"I hope so."
Lauren clicked send on her first tweet and typed out her reply to Scotty’s tweet.
"@ScottyMcCreery thanks for helping me out here lately! Nice to have you around. #oldbestfriend. #ivebeentoldanyway." 
A few seconds later Lauren’s phone was going crazy. 
"I guess that’s why I turned off my notifications." Lauren said to Scotty.
"Yeah, mentions can blow up fast when your famous." Scotty said to her laughing. 
"Hey Scotty! Read this tweet! She seems sweet!" 
Lauren handed him her phone.
"@NEONPENGUIN516: Always praying for you! Been an Alainer since Nashville, no matter if you remember that moment or not #ALAINERSLOVEYOU." 
"That is sweet Laur, see I told you they weren’t gunna give up on you."
"I hope not. Hey do you want some sweet tea?" 
"When do I not want sweet tea? I’ll come down and help."
"You got a point there."
Lauren and Scotty where about to walk out of her room and she tripped on one of the shoes that was laying out in her room, Scotty caught her and their faces were centimeters away from each other. 
Cliffhanger! Don’t killl me!! Thanks for reading! God bless! Xoxox!
Bring Me Down- Chapter 7

Scotty’s POV
As I got up from the computer chair by Lauren’s desk, I headed towards the door behind Lauren. The next thing I know I hear Lauren let out a gasp and she’s falling forward, luckily I was about 3 feet away so I able to take three big and fast steps to make it to her in time to catch her. Our faces are less than two centimeters away from each other, it has been years since Lauren and I kissed. Probably the day she walked in on Amanda throwing herself all over me.
-End Scotty’s POV-
Scotty and I where headed downstairs to get some sweet tea then the next thing I know I’m tripping over a shoe on my bedroom floor, I guess with or without my memory I will be forever clumsy. Who comes to the rescue? Scotty. Judging from some of my journal entries from before I lost my memory,  he’s been there to save me a lot over the years. Anyway, there we where faces centimeters away from each other and it happened. I don’t know when the last time Scotty and me kissed, but it felt like something inside me clicked, like feelings where coming back. I don’t remember the feelings, but this warmth came over me, I felt safe, I felt like this is where I needed to be, in honesty I kinda felt like I was 16 again. I hope feeling 16 means that memory will be back soon, one piece at a time I guess.
-End Lauren’s Journal Entry-
Scotty’s POV: 
When I took the plunge and just kissed Lauren something felt right, I felt like we where 16 and 17 year old Scotty and Lauren again, I felt like the old Lauren was here with me, like nothing ha changed between us. Everything was completely right. 
-End Scotty’s POV-
After the kiss ended Scotty held me in a hug for like 15 minutes. I felt so normal. It felt so normal. I hated to interrupt it, but I still had to ask Scotty about the whole Amanda situation I had read about in my old entries. So that’s exactly what I did. Here’s how it went down,
"Hey Scotty" I asked and he loosed his embrace.
"Yeah Laur?"
"I hate to ruin this moment, because it feels so normal, and perfect…, but I gotta know about the Amanda situation."
"I figured you’d be asking about this soon enough, how about we go sweet tea and we’ll talk. If you don’t mind me asking, how do you know about the Amanda situation?"
"One of my old journal entries."
We walked down stairs, I got two glasses, and he got the pitcher from the fridge, he poured the tea, and we headed to the front porch swing. 
"Alright, whenever you’re ready Scotty, I’m ready."
"Well, where should I begin?"
I promise this is the last cliff-hanger y’all will have to deal with for awhile! Thanks for reading! God bless! Xoxoxo! :)

Bring Me Down-Chapter 8
"Got your feet wet, got your heart broke, didn’t pan out, like you’d hoped, but you played fair."

"Where should I start? Hollywood week, the finale, us sneaking around, or just Amanda?"
"Us sneaking around."
"Alright, so I’ve told you about me and Gabi. At this time our relationship was on the rocks. I was touring, I was in Tennessee a lot working on music, going to award shows, me and her never really completely came out about our relationship, but with all our twitter posts, our friends twitter posts, the instagram pictures, we made it pretty obvious. She was always upset over not coming to award shows, but I took her to the Opry everytime I was there, I took her to her favorite artists concerts, put her in several music videos, and took her on the road with me. She didn’t want to go to shows because she didn’t like being on the road, she was totally jealous of mine and yours relationship, and she just for complainy. We never had any kind of fun any more."
"Woah. So.. She just didn’t like the life? Why didn’t she break up with you?"
"Because even though I’m just Scotty and the people back home in Garner don’t treat me different,  I think she liked being able to say she was dating ‘Scotty McCreery American Idol Season 10 winner’ even if it was only to our friends."
"Wow. What was my opinion on her?"
"You liked her at first. Until, the Trouble With Girls video actually. Me and you weren’t talking a lot then, but later on, several years after, that you didn’t like her at all, mostly because you where practically.. Practically.."
"In love with you?"
"Yeah.  Anyways, when 2013 came around me and Gabi where together, but it was just a complete train wreck of zero happiness. Our relationship was back to Lauren and Scotty: Best Friends. Our McLainers would loose it when we tweeted each other, no matter how many times we told them we where just best friends."
"We weren’t just best friends where we?"
"Uhh. Not quite. For awhile we where. After awhile the 16 and 17 year old Scotty an Lauren feelings came back. I’m not sure how it happened, but it did. We where both happy, we here flirting, we kissed, made-out, held hands, even went on secret dates in your apartment which usually meant a movie and us alternating cooking dinner. You knew everything about me and Gabi, you thought she was a total bitch. So yo-"
"Holy gosh. Scotty McCreery just said a not nice word. What?" Lauren interrupted him and then began laughing hysterically. 
"Oh yeah, forgot this Lauren hasn’t heard much out of my mouth!" he said laughing. Once their laughing died down Scotty continued the story. 
"Basically, we where both okay with sneaking behind Gabi’s back, mostly because of the way she had been treating me. We where doing good until after the CMA Fest. Brad had sent me a text and asked if me and you wanted to come to his place and swim, we went, I told you we probably needed to watch we did in case of cameras being around and stuff, but we’d been acting the same all week, I just had a feeling something weird was gunna happen."
"This is crazy, but continue!" Lauren said trying to take it all in. Every now and then she kinda have a blurred flash of the story as Scotty was telling it, but not enough to make a big deal of since it was a total blur.
"When we got there we went our separate ways, you got in the pool with Carrie and I wen-"
"Woah, woah, I was swimming with Carrie Underwood?"
"Yeah y’all are like sisters."
"Why didn’t Jerr tell me this?! Continue!"
With a chuckle Scotty continued, “and I went over to Brad and some others, the next thing I know some chick I didn’t even know was all over me. She grabbed my hand, drug me into Brad’s house, which might I add we weren’t supposed to be in. She threw herself at me and just started kissing me, that’s when you walked in. You stood in the doorway, I could tell by the look in your eyes that you where completely heartbroken, and you have no idea seeing you like that did to me. Before I could tell you anything or explain anything, you just turned and ran out. I’m guessing you got a taxi, went back to your place, packed up what you needed, and came back to Rossville for awhile after that. This is the first time I’m actually getting to explain this to you and it happened three years ago, and you don’t even remember.” 
"This is explains my dream."

So. Much. Info. Woah. 

Thank y’all sooo much for reading! God bless! Xoxox! :)
Bring Me Down- Chapter 9
"The first time I felt it I was only 16 and he kissed me underneath the china berry tree, said good night darlin’ sweet sourthern drawl."
It’s been six days since Scotty kissed me. Six days since he told me about the day my heart was broken by me. Three years since we had even discussed the topic. I took in so much that day. Scotty hasn’t kissed me since then, he has held my hand, and he told me I never lost my ability to flirt. At least my flirty bone is still there right!? I’ve got two months before me and Scotty go to the studio to record our new songs, and two and a half months before our “No Regrets” Tour begins. I just have to continue to pray that my memory will return. I’m thinking of returning to Nashville soon. Mainly because of what Scotty asked me… Shoot. I bet that’s him at the door right now, we are going out to eat tonight. McLainers are gunna loose it. First public appearance together in three years apparently. My fans are sooo sweet to me through this. Anyway, I’ll write later. 
-End Lauren Journal Entry- 
Lauren went downstairs and opened the door and Scotty greeted her with a hug, which she noticed lasted longer than what she was used too..not that she was complaining. 
"Ready to go Laur?"
"Yup. I’m dying for some Mexican!"
"Oh shoot."
"I forgot to tell you, Lauren has been dieting since 2010."
"Seriously? I figured I was doing something.. My weight is way less than what it looked to be when I auditioned for AI."
"Yup, but.. Since that Lauren hasn’t made an appearance yet.. How about you ditch the diet and eat some good food for awhile?"
"You know what? That sounds pretty dagum good to this Lauren."
"That’s my word!"
"Oh. Oops. Sorry." Lauren said playfully adding in a little wink. They got in Scotty’s truck and headed down to the restraunt. When they got a table and ordered Scotty randomly asked,
"So, us.. Where do you think this is going?"
"I think," Lauren said grabbing Scotty’s hand, "I like where this is going. Even though I don’t feel the heartbreak, I feel like when my memory does come back, it will be put behind us." 
"okay, that’s good. I hoped that’s what you would say!"
"So, are you gunna ask me to be your girlfriend or not McCreery?"
"Alright, alright, note to self: girlfriend may be pushy in future."
"Okay, Lauren Alaina Kristine Suddeth will you be my girlfriend?"
"Well, Scotty Cooke McCreery, I would be more than honored." 
"How about we wait until we are back at your house to seal this with a kiss?"
Lauren and Scotty where both almost done with there meal when Scotty said something else that was totally random and off topic, 
"So..girlfriend, are you gunna take me up on my offer from earlier this week?"
Cliffhanger! Sorry to my twitter buddies who can’t stand it when this happens, but have no fear! Chapter 10 will be up the moment I wake up tomorrow! Thanks for reading! God bless! Xoxoxo:)
Bring Me Down- Chapter 10
"In a water tower town, everybody waves."
"I’ve been considering.." Lauren began to answer Scotty’s question.
"And, I think I’m going to.. I’m gunna talk to momma and daddy about it more tonight, but I think they will agree. Even though I will be kinda far from home, maybe this is what I need.”
"Really!? Laur!! I’m so excited for this! Having you with me in North Carolina for awhile. This is gunna be great."
"Yeah! I just hope your friends will get over hating me.."
"Wait. How do you know my friends, they don’t hate, they just.. Dislike you."
"The Internet Scotty. I could seriously find out my life story on there."
"That’s true.. I forget about that sometimes," Scotty said with a laugh. "Ready to head home Laur?"
"Yeah. Let’s go!"
"Have you watched any of our duets on YouTube yet?"
"I decided I’m gunna wait a little while… I have watched a lot of me doing solo performances and you too. We’re all over YouTube."
Well, I kinda forgot to write later on the 20th. It was eventful. Scotty asking me to be his girlfriend, which I really like him, but I’m still a little worried about what is might happen IF my memory ever shows up. I’m moving to Garner North Carolina for a little while. Somehow Scotty convinced me. Him and Garner. Geez. He loves it there. I mean he took practically a whole year off to go to senior year there. <- I’m starting to sound like Lauren on that opinion aren’t I? Anyway, I’m not sure if going North Carolina will bring anything back, I do think that being where ever Scotty is will always make me feel better. <— oh goodness, I’m getting sappy. I’m not sure how long I will be there. Maybe 3 weeks, then he’s gunna fly with me to my old apartment in Nashville. He has a little place there too. Since I hadn’t talked to him in three years, I guess that’s why in my post awhile back I was loosing it over Scotty showing up to that meeting, I clearly don’t even know he was had a place in Nashville. I’m sure there would’ve been a whole entry dedicated to that. I better go, time to pack up my clothes. Flying outta here at 5 AM tomorrow. Fingers crossed for no fans or people taking pictures so people don’t suspect stuff… I mean we are together, but we aren’t gunna say anything, judging from the past we are pretty good at keeping our relationship well hidden. Haha.
It’s 8AM. I’ve been up since 4:15 this morning, I got about a ten minute nap on the plane, but that was nothing. I just got settled into the guest bedroom of the McCreery home. Turns out my momma ruined the surprise of me and Scotty dating weeks ago before it even happened. She said “I just had a feeling sweet heart. Whether you have a memory or not, you and Scotty are meant to be.” so maybe this was a God thing. Letting the accident happen to bring me and Scotty together. I guess we won’t know, but secretly I think he’s a “McLaina Shipper” himself. Momma Judy (I picked up on that from previous posts) is soo sweet. Mike is, in Scotty’s words, ” Dad is gunna be dad. He’ll never change.” so I guess this means Mike is the same old Mike we all know and love. 
I got in a pretty good nap. Scotty has a show in Raleigh tomorrow and apparently I’m attending, this should be interesting. Its like 2 in the morning, I knew taking that nap earlier would do this to me. I guess I should hit the hay. Eventful day tomorrow. 

Thanks for reading! I tried to make the cliffhanger a little less cliffhangery< is that even a word? Anyway! Chapter 11 is coming today as well! God bless! Xoxo:)    
Bring Me Down. (McLaina)

Bring Me Down.-Chapter 11.


“Old Mister Webster could never define, what’s being said between your heart and mine.”

“Lauren, come on! Please?”

“Scotty. No. Do you know how long its been?”

“Three years?”

“Yeah, plus I don’t have a memory. I don’t even know if you remember how to sing.”

“Laur, you still know how to sing. Please?! You can look up our version on YouTube really quick while I sing a couple more songs then I’ll bring you on stage. Pleaseee?” Scotty begged Lauren giving her the puppy dog eyes.

“Alright, alright. Give me your phone and I’ll look it up.”

“See in a few.”

Lauren looked up “When You Say Nothing At All- Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina American Idol LIVE! Tour.” She watched several of the videos and the next thing you know you hear Scotty say into the microphone.

“Are y’all ready for a little dejavu?” The entire crowd screamed and cheered.

“I’ve got a surprise and I’ll be right back.”

“Ready Laur?” Scotty said away from the mic.

“As ready as I’ll ever be.” Lauren said taking the mic from Judy, Scotty grabbed her hand and led her onstage.

“Lauren Alaina everybody!!” The crowd cheered and screamed.

“Y’all cut us a little slack. It’s been about three years since we sang this.”

“This time I’m memory-less this time!” Lauren said with a laugh then the entire crowd broke out into “I LOVE YOU LAUREN!“‘s. Then the band began to play and Scotty started to sing.

“It’s amazing how you can speak right to my heart. Without saying a word you can light up the dark.”Lauren noticed as he sang that line she caught herself pointing to the sky along with Scotty, like it was natural reflex.

“Try as I may I could never explain, what I hear when you don’t say a thing.”When Scotty finished that line the several people in the front row yelled, “Get it Lauren! You got it!”

“The smile on your face lets me know that you need me, there’s a truth in your eyes saying you’ll never leave me, the touch of your hand says you’ll catch me, if ever I fall.” When Lauren and Scotty sang the touch of your hand line, again like a natural reflex, she reached for Scotty’s hand.

Lauren and Scotty continued and finished the song without one mistake, did every hand gesture that they have been doing for years, and for a moment, Scotty, Lauren, and everyone else in the crowd felt it, the feeling that the Lauren they all know and love was in their presence.

Sorry for the short chapter! Thanks for reading! Hope y’all enjoyed it! God bless! xoxo :)

Bring Me Down. (McLaina)

Bring Me Down- Chapter 12.

“Fall when your ready babe,Let our kiss count the moments and hearts set the pace
I’ll be your love song and I’ll love you right off your feet, until you fall into me”

September 20,2016’s been forever since I wrote. Life’s been pretty crazy. Ever since I sang with Scotty at his  show Raleigh on September 1st. The managers thought since the “No Regrets” tour starts up in the next month that as a spoiler we might as well sing “When You Say Nothing At All” together at any show I’m at. I’ve been at several lately. Chattanooga, Panama City, Virgina Beach, Lexington, Evansville, and I’ll be in Nashville tonight. Momma thinks it good, maybe get me back in the swing of things. I’ll be back at my apartment for the first time when I get there, I’m on the plane right now. Trying to be not noticeable..Scotty is gunna meet me at the Airport in Nashville. We haven’t told any of the fans about our relationship. We’re gunna wait and see how this memory-less Lauren thing blows over. I finally started watching Scotty and mine’s duets from Idol. Gosh, we where so young! I mean we still are…but..yeah. I think we are gunna tackle American Honey tonight. I’m soo excited. We are about to land. I promise I will write later on tonight or tomorrow. <— I’m crazy promising myself like it’s a blog or something. haha.

-End Lauren Journal Entry-

Lauren got off the plane and scanned the crowd, minutes later she seen Scotty in his typical airport gear, camo hat and that same gray t-shirt he has been wearing for years. The McCreerians have it figured out, don’t know why he tries. He greets Lauren with a bear hug and then they are off.

“Wanna go to your apartment first?”

“Yes! Jerr said she was there in the text she just sent me! I’m so beyond excited to see her.”

“Alright, Lauren’s apartment here we come!”

Jerrica’s POV:

I had to get to Lauren’s apartment in Nashville before she did. I texted Scotty earlier today. I had too, because Lauren has this hot pink box with zebra trim that has “McLaina Through The Years” on the top. She made it when her and Scotty where kinda together. It has everything from their notes they passed in class during Idol, to her pictures she printed out of Scotty and marked all over them after the whole Amanda incident, I believed Scotty’s story from the begging. Hardheaded Lauren wouldn’t talk to him for him to explain. I never told her, because I felt like Lauren should hear it from him, and no one else. I texted him so I knew how far back he has gone with telling Lauren about their relationship, I didn’t want her to go through or see the box until she knew every detail Scotty could possibly tell her. That’s why I got to her apartment so early. I had to take the box and hide it in my car. It just wasn’t the right time for her to see it.

Lauren’s POV:

Even though I don’t remember mine and Jerr’s relationship, I know we are best friends. I can’t wait to see her and my apartment. I haven’t been back since the day I left the hospital. I had to come back and get a few things to take down to Rossville with me.

Scotty’s POV:

The whole ride to her apartment Lauren could not sit still and she was talking a hundred miles a minute, the trait that will always be with Lauren. The trait that made me fall in love with her. Once we got to her apartment she took off running, funny thing is, she doesn’t even know what floor she lives on so she’s gunna have to wait up for me eventually.

“SCAWTTYY!! HURRY UP!” Lauren shouted when she got to the door.

“I’m comin’, I’m comin’!” I said in a somewhat loud tone.

“Okay, what floor do I live on?”


“Hmm.. good number, huh Scott?”

“I guess so!” When we got in the elevator, Lauren was holding my hand, but literally jumping up and down at the same time. This is the most excited I’ve seen her since we made top two on American Idol and she realized we won a car, the girl couldn’t even drive yet. When the elevator made it to her floor she actually walked calmly and at a decent pace beside me. We made it to her apartment and as soon as the door opened…


“LAUR! I MISSED YOU!” Her and Jerrica where in the biggest hug and scream fest I’ve ever witnessed.

“I’ve missed you too Jerr!”

“I know you just got here, but I gotta run and do a few errands before the show tonight.”

“Well darn. Hang out backstage and after?”

“Will do. See ya later you guys!”

“Bye!” both me and Lauren said at the same time.

After Jerrica had left, I pulled Lauren in for a kiss, it had been way to long. After when we where in a tight embrace the words just kinda slipped out of my mouth, “Laur, I love you.”

“Scotty, I…I.. have n-“

“Fall when your ready babe.”

That’s it for chapter 12! That wasn’t a bad cliff hanger right guys? haha! Thanks for reading another chapter! It’s getting closer to October! God bless! xoxox :)

Bring Me Down. (McLaina)

Bring Me Down- Chapter 13
“The days keep coming without fail, a new wind is gunna find yourself, that’s where your journey starts.”

September 30, 2016
Last week. Scotty told me he loved me. I started to say, “I have no idea what to say.”, but he cut me off by saying, “Fall when your ready babe.” I thought that was the sweetest thing. I let it settle in awhile, then yesterday I told him I loved him too. Tomorrow is the first of October. Fingers crossed that my memory comes back this month before we head in the studio to start recording then go out on tour. Gunna go hit the hay, write tomorrow. Maybe I’ll be old Lauren by then, I doubt it though.
* Saturday October 1,2016*
Lauren was sitting in her apartment, Scotty just left because the boys were coming into Nashville. He hated leaving her, he wanted to be there in case her memory came back, but she insisted he go meet the boys at the airport. About 12:30 Scotty called and checked on Lauren, then at 1 Jerrica called to check in and tell her that she would be at her apartment in an hour. After that her doorbell rings Lauren goes over to her door, opens it revealing a FedEx man holding a package. 
“Good Afternoon Ms. Suddeth. This package is for you.”
“Thank you sir. Have a nice day!” 
“You too ms.”
“Wonder what this could be.”
Lauren takes the package to her bedroom and rips off the brown paper wrapped around it, revealing a pink box with zebra trim and a large envelope taped on top. The envelope said “To: Laur. From: Jerr.”

Sorry for the short chapter and the cliffhanger. Lizzi, Kenzi, and everyone else who reads this I know you hate them! Have no fear, Chapter 14 should be right above this!

Bring Me Down. (McLaina)

Bring Me Down- Chapter 14
“Some of Gods greatest gifts, are unanswered prayers.”

Lauren took the envelope from the top of the box and opened it, there was a note inside that read,
“Laur, I know I probably shouldn’t have kept this from you for so long, but I did and I’m sorry for that. Now that you and Scotty are together and you know every detail of y’alls old relationship together that Scotty can remember, I think it’s time you look through this box. Love ya Laur. 

” After reading the note Lauren sits it aside and looks down at the top of the box. It has “McLaina Through The Years.” in hot pink scrapbook letters with a picture from what looked like Hollywood week. Lauren removed the lid which revealed tons of pictures, notes, and even little suvineers from the Idol tour. Lauren looked at the picture on top, according to the back it was from when she played the Opry back in 2012. Her and Scotty standing in the circle with the happiest looks on their faces. The next was from the Idol finale, Lauren kissing Scotty on the cheek, the next was of Lauren, Scotty, Ashley, Tyler, Judy, Mike, Kristy, and JJ when Lauren seen this picture from the final show on the idol tour that’s when it happened.Every memory Lauren had came flooding back. Every feeling. She burst into tears then she heard the doorbell ring. She walked to the door opened it, saw Scotty, Will, Collin, Kyle, Jerrica, her Mom, Dad, and Tyler all standing there, before they could question the tears running down her face she started talking,

“When I was 6 daddy was trying to teach me to ride my bike without the training wheels, I told him to let go and right straight into the bush I went. When I was 9 I got the Carrie Underwood CD for Christmas, I sad I was going on Idol, I said I was gunna make it big. When I was 15, I fell in love with Scotty. When I was 18 Scotty broke my heart. When I was 5 I forced Tyler to listen to me sing 24/7 because that’s all I ever wanted to do. When I was 17 I played at the Opry and almost got attacked by some man.”
“Laur. You..your…” Scotty was shuddering out.
“Podunk,” JJ began.
“Sweetie, your memory.”
“It’s back.” Jerrica and Scotty said at the same time.

Sorry for another short chapter, but her memory is back!! Yay! Now, this story is gunna get interesting:) Thanks for reading! God bless! Xoxo:) 

Bring Me Down. (McLaina)

Bring Me Down- Chapter 15. 
“Oh man we where living didn’t waste one minute, we talked, and drank, and danced, and said goodbye. We laughed until we cried.”
October 2,2012
Yesterday, we had a huge celebration. Wanna know why? MY MEMORY CAME BACK. One day before we left for your and two days before we started recording. Im soo beyond happy. One thing that everyone, okay only Jerrica was surprised by this, was the fact that my memory came back, and I’m still in love with Scotty and he still loves me. You would think with all the crap he put me through I would hate his guts again. No, the fact that he spent practically two months by my side helping me, praying with me, telling me about my past, making me sing again, helping me get back on twitter, and helping me get back to this Lauren.. That made me fall in love with him again, mostly because it showed he really did care. I wouldn’t be saying this right now if the “No Regrets Tour” hadn’t have happened, if Scotty wouldn’t have shown up at that meeting I wouldnt have asked Jerr to go eat with me so I could rant about this tour, then the wreck wouldn’t have happened, I wouldn’t have lost my memory, and Scotty would have never gotten the chance to tell me what really did happen that night with Amanda, because I wasn’t ever gunna give him the time of day again. My life..believe it or not.. Is finally…right where it needs to be. I have a guy in my life that isn’t a total douche like the rest of the guys I’ve dated, I’m going on the tour that every single one of mine and Scotty’s fans have wanted since the Idol tour has ended, I’m finally making that duet album Scotty and I had spent so many late nights talking about, my family loves me, my friends are great, my fans never left my side, and I’m Lauren Alaina Kristine Suddeth again. I’ve gotta jump off, about to leave to get on the plane to our first show in Evansville Indiana, I’m pretty excited about this show, one reason in particular, one fan on twitter, who never left side, always sent me inspiring tweets, and has always been a good fan, @lizzi_2904 is getting to meet me tonight, I hoped I would be back to Lauren when this tour started and with enough prayers God helped me out and made it happen.

Thanks for reading y’all! Chapter 16 is coming tomorrow morning as well! God bless! Xoxo:)

Bring Me Down (McLaina)

Bring Me Down- Chapter 16.
“Oh. My. GOSHHHH.”
“Lizzi! Glad to finally meet you!”
“Lauren Alaina is like 10 inches away from me and knows my name. I’m having an Alainer moment.”
Lauren says laughing, “Well, as long as you don’t pass out on me we’re good!”
“Oh don’t worry! I won’t!”
“Thanks again for sticking with me through everything. It means so much. Especially here lately.”
“I won’t stop being an Alainer until I die, I’m just glad your back La.” Lizzi said giving Lauren a big hug.
“Aww, that’s so sweet of you! Stay right here, I’m gunna go talk to My parents and the tour manager really quick about something, I’ll be right back though!”
Lauren makes her way over to Kristy and her tour manger.
“Laur, why did you leave you meet and greet?” Kristy asked.
“Because momma, see the girl standing there?”
“I had a question, what woul-“
“Hey! Laur! Why did ya leave the meet and greet? Your holding up the line!” Lauren heard Scotty say from behind her.
“Because I’m asking our tour manager and momma about somethin’.”
“Well what is it?”
“I was wondering what y’all thought of bringing Lizzi on your for awhile. Just around the local places ya know? It would be fun and she’s been there for me through so much. “
“I think that’s a great idea Laur!” Scotty said.
“I mean, it would be a great way to tell her thanks, but what about the rest of the fans?”
“I give them free tickets, meet and greets, and VIPs if we come to their area. Take it out of my payment. I want to pay all of them back.”
“You know you’re way to generous. I think I can make it happen. Bring Lizzi’s parents to me, I’ll talk to them then tell Lizzi to meet you after the show so to can tell her, alright?”
“okay! Yay! Thanks!”
With that Lauren and Scotty headed back over to the meet and greet, finished up, got ready for the show, told Lizzi about her being able to come on tour to the shows in Scottsburg, Indianapolis, and Princeton. Let the fun, begin.
This chapter was basically for Lizzi since she won the song contest! It will be very interesting soon. Promise! Thanks for reading! God bless! Xoxo:)

Bring Me Down. (McLaina)

Bring Me Down- Chapter 17
“He treats your little girl like a real man should.”
October 5,2016
So, Lizzi has two more days on tour with us. Im gunna be pretty sad, she’s basically turned into my little sister. Ashley, Jerrica, and Kyle have been on your with us too. Talk about a loaded tour bus. Let’s start off with what’s going on with me and Scotty. Our relationship is going very well. The only people who know about it is our families, Kyle, Jerrica, and Lizzi of course. She promised to keep it a secret, I’ll take her word. I’ve been having a ton of nightmares lately, like some guy is coming and kidnapping, well not really I’m longer kid status, me. Scotty isn’t around to save me until the end, but in the end something happens to him, I don’t know what..I always am woken up by then by someone telling me I was crying and saying crazy stuff in my sleep. Oh well, just dreams, right? On to Ashley, she has new man candy, Josh. Scotty, of course, doesn’t like him…yet. It’s just the brother coming out in him. Even Tyler was a little worried about me going back to Scotty. I think the brother being protective of their sister and who they date is just an instinct. I’m trying to get Scotty to talk Josh and give him a chance for his sister. We’ll see. Having Jerrica with me has been a blast! Kyle, well..Scotty’s friends will forever not like me, if we get married I wonder how that would go down with all his “boys” as the groomsmen? Hmm. Anyways having Lizzi on tour has been amazing, she hasn’t freaked out, she’s totally played it cool. Wish we could keep her longer.. Oh well, I’m sure we’ll see her again…and we do have two more days! It’s like 3:30 AM..the insomniac in me is coming out, so is my rambling. Oh, back to me and Scott-tea;) haha. #seewhatididthere? Oh dang, you know you have a problem when you hashtag and aren’t tweeting.Anyway, I’m surprised our relationship has been kept a secret for so long. The McLainers still wonder, we just laugh at the tweets because they have no idea they are true. I guess we gotta figure out a way to tell them eventually…Okay, I’m officially getting tired. Fingers crossed for no nightmares.

I know it was a journal entry and not the greatest but the next chapter gets interesting! I swear! :) thanks for reading, god bless! Xoxox

Bring Me Down. (McLaina)

Bring Me Down-Chapter 18
“Tonight, While we’re young and beautiful.”

October 5,2016
Scotty is taking a nap, surprise, surprise. Lizzi is of exploring with momma, I decided to stay here and rest up for tonight. It’s a big night! We’ve got a little surprise planned out for Lizzi. I’ll write about that a little later, right now I want to say that this week has been a BLAST. Monday night was completely hilarious. We broke out the old XBox 360 and played Dance Central 2. If you know Scotty, you know the poor guy is not the greatest dancer nor does he like to do it…somehow Lizzi talked him into playing it. The girl must work magic, cause I can’t even get him to dance. The funniest part was I recorded it and put it on the Internet. I think it’s up to about 3 million views now. HAHA. Last night which was Tuesday, was the ABSOLUTE most fun, Scotty, Lizzi, and me all made Billy, the bus driver, stop at Wal* was about 3AM so we figured it would be safe to go, we where wrong, but Scotty and I haven’t told our fans about us yet, so it was pretty hilarious, we stepped off the bus and Scotty was holding my hand right? Oh my gosh, tell me why a 15 year old girl was at Wal*Mart at 3 in the morning? She lost it. Luckily we played it off like he was just helping me get down the stairs, took a few pictures and signed some autographs and we where off. Not a soul recognized us when we got in there, being that they where all like thug gangster people that CLEARLY don’t listen to country music. Scotty and I both have 3 albums out now, soon to be four, so we decided to go through ALL the CD’s and try to find each one of ours. Scotty had gone to the bathroom, so Lizzi and I found Clear As Day and waited for him outside the door, weird I know, had huge smiles on our faces and the minute we walked out we totally started fangirling. His expression was priceless. Shoot, gotta go, it’s already 6:30. Let’s see if I can wake Scotty up..that’s always a challenge. Can’t wait for tonight’s show! I’ll write about the Lizzi Surprise after! Gah, Im pumped. In the words of Scotty, “Cue the Rocky theme song and me punching the air.” ;)
I’m sure this wasn’t my best chapter, but I had to include some of the stuff that happened over the past few days. Haha, anyways, thanks for reading! God bless! xoxox:)

Bring Me Down. (McLaina)

Bring Me Down- Chapter 19
“Heights still always make me nervous, so of I’m gunna ride the farris wheel I’ll need your hand in mine.”
October 6,2016
So, Lizzi needed a job right? Scotty & I brought her up onstage after singing WYSNAA and offered her the job position of being our personal McLaina updater. Hey, it’s kind of a silly job, but this means I get to keep her on tour, and all the McLainers out there get constant twitter feed, after we tell everyone of course. Anyway, we’re headed to LA. Scotty & I have decided to make the announcement this afternoon at the show. We’ll see how this goes. Since its a weird early show at 1 I better start getting ready. That was the big surprise, Lizzi staying on tour. I get to keep my long lost little sister, so I’m pretty happy!
“Alright LA! How about I bring out a special girl?” Scotty said into the microphone, then the crowd went insane.
“Any ideas on who it might be?!”
The crowd screamed several different names, his momma, Ashley, Lizzi, the tour manager Connie, and finally Lauren.
“This girl, has fallen down ten flights of stairs on TV, was named hashtag queen on twitter, and just happens to be a really close friend of mine…. MS LAUREN ALAINA!”
The crowd literally lost it.
“Hey guys!” Lauren said into her mic.
“We have some news. Maybe not shocking news. But news.” Scotty said, the audience gee silent.
“Scotty and I..” Lauren began. Then Lizzi ran onto the stage with a mic in hand yelling, “NO! NOT YET! IM IN CHARGE OF THESE THINGS!”
“How about we all just say it on the count of three?” Lauren suggested.
“Okay, that’ll work.” Lizzi agreed
“ONE… TWO……..,” Scotty counted and instead of saying three he said, “Lauren and I have been dating for two months!”
“Scotty!” Lizzi said, but the crowd was so loud and crazy noone could hear her other than Scotty and Lauren. After that of course Lizzi, Scotty, and Lauren’s twitters exploded. The concert flew by and before everyone knew it, the concert was over.
*6:45 On The Board Walk*
“Scotty! Let’s ride the farris wheel!”
“What about Lizzi?!”
“I can sit alone! No big deal!”
“Okay! Are you sure?”
Scotty, Lauren, and Lizzi rode the farris wheel and they, no Lauren, definitely made it known they where on the ride.
Lauren says while laughing, “That was fun! Did you see those dudes in front of us! Scotty, I think they had a man crush on you! Haha! Omg.”
“Lauren, chill! They where probably looking at you!”
“Oh my gosh, ice cream stand. I have to get some. It’s always good here, it won’t hurt my diet right? Scotty stay here! Lizzi come with me!”
“You sure you don’t want me to come Laur?”
Lauren and Lizzi headed toward the ice cream stand, Lizzi had just turned her head to look at the LA T-shirts they where passing when she heard a yell, when she turned she could see Lauren being drug by a man through the crowd on the pier. Noone seemed to notice and Lizzi couldn’t catch up.
Thanks for reading! Sorry about the cliffhanger! It probably wasn’t my best chapter! God bless! Xoxo(:

Bring Me Down. (McLaina)

Bring Me Down- Chapter 20
“I got up and dialed your number And your voice came on the line That old familiar message I heard a thousand times it just said Sorry that I missed you Leave a message and god bless
I know you think I’m crazy But I had to hear your voice I guess”

“Lizzi? Scotty?”
“Yes.” Lizzi and Scotty both said at the same time.
“Hello, my name is Desi, I’m going to be the detective working on Lauren’s case. Now, I’m sure you’re both very worried, thats why I flew out from Tennessee as fast as I could. I know you both probably wanted someone familiar, or at least from the same area. When was the last time you saw Lauren?”
“I..I. Me and Lauren left Scotty in line at one of the rides on the boardwalk..and we went and headed to an ice cream stand. We where almost there when I turned my head to look at some LA T-Shirts and then I looked back to say something to her and she was being drug down the boardwalk by some guy, oh my gosh, Scotty it’s all my fault.” Lizzi then burst into tears.
“Lizzi, no, it’s not your fault, you couldn’t have stopped it. Don’t blame yourself.”
“Scotty, I know you had told the audience earlier today that you and Lauren are together, do you think someone could be out to get you?”
“Most everyone who is a fan of Lauren and me, is a McLaina shipper because of idol.. I wouldn’t think so, at least that I would know of.”
“Alright, how about y’all head on back to the hotels, keep calling Lauren’s cell, and get some rest. We’ll call you as soon as we get any info.”
“Alright, thanks..umm.. What was your name again? Sorry, I’m just everywhere right now.”
“Understandable, call me Desi. Get some rest you two.”
Lizzi and Scotty left the LAPD and headed to the hotel they where staying at. Scotty had called Lauren’s parents, who where in Jamaica and getting the next flight back, which was in two days, great, called his parents, and of course Lauren. When he dialed Lauren’s number it rang about ten times then went to her voicemail. “Hey! You’ve reached Lauren! Leave me a message! God bless!”
“Babe, I want you to know, where ever you are, and whoever has you. I love you, forever.” Scotty said into the phone, hoping that somehow, Lauren was listening, and that he could here “I love you too Scawwty.” come out of her mouth. One. More. Time.
*Back at LAPD*
Desi was pretending to be working by creeping on Scotty’s tweets viewing his and Lauren’s interactions when her iPhone started vibrating from beside her arm on the desk. She slid the arrow over to answer,
“Hey, Gabi. Mission accomplished.”
Thanks for reading! I hate making Gabi & Desi the bad guys for now. Oh well! God bless! Xoxo(:

Bring Me Down. (McLaina)

Bring Me Down- Chapter 21
“Will she know how much I loved her  Did I try in every way to show her every day That she’s my only one.”
Scotty’s POV:
I was laying there. In the hotel room, Lizzi was on the couch since she didn’t want to stay alone, and I knew Lauren would kill me if I let something happen to her too. So I was laying in the bed, on the verge of tears, when my phone vibrated. I felt this hope happen inside me, that maybe, just maybe, Lauren would be texting. I picked my phone up from beside and looked at the screen, I’ve never been so shocked in my life.
Desi’s POV:
“So, Lauren is the care of Kyle now, right?” Desi heard Gabi say from the other line.
“Yes. I would think so since Scotty and Lizzi came here totally freaked.”
“Perfect. Time to send Scotty the text. Thanks for helping me out on this Desi.”
“You’re welcome. Anytime Gabs.”
“Alright, talk to you in a bit.”
“Hey, you know what? Lauren is really pretty I mean no wonder Sco-”
“Alright, alright moody. Talk to you later.”
Scotty’s POV:
I was looking at my phone blankly. I couldn’t believe the words, “New iMessage: Gabi Dugal” was on my screen. I haven’t talked to her since two months before Lauren’s memory loss. I thought maybe it was a “I’m sorry! I heard what happened to Lauren.” text, no, I was wrong. When I slid the arrow and read her message, I seriously wanted to loose it. I had to tell Lizzi about this.
“Liz. Wake up! Read this text Gabi sent me!”
Lizzi’s POV:
I was half awake to begin with when Scotty came running the hotel room saying “Liz! Liz! Wake up! Read this!” I took his phone from his hand, in complete shock. The text from Gabi said,
“Hey Scotty. Don’t worry about Lauren. She’s in good hands. Don’t try and take this to Desi. No point. Here’s the deal, you come back to Garner to me, ditch this dumb tour, and you ditch Lauren. Then Lauren is back safe & sound on tour, alone.”
“Scotty, what is her problem?!”
“I have no idea. I guess she never got over me, I mean, she’s always been jealous of mine and Lauren’s friendship.. But we’ve been broken up for at least a year now, why would she care?”
“Maybe Lauren is stealing her spotlight. You know, since you and Lauren are together the ‘Hometown Ex-Girlfriend’ and ‘The Trouble With Girls Break Up’ headlines will stop. No more Gabi’s face being everywhere.”
“You know, you have a point.”
“What are you gunna do?”
“I guess, because of how much I love Lauren, and the only way to keep her safe, is to put on the ‘I love Gabi again’ front. I don’t want to, but I have to. For Lauren.”
After Scotty and Lizzi discussed the topic some more Scotty called Lauren, again.
“Hey! This is Lauren! Leave me a message! God bless!”
“Hey babe, don’t kill me.I’m gunna fix all this, alright? I love you.” was what he said in his final voicemail to Lauren before he did, what he had to do.
Thanks for reading! Hope y’all are enjoying the massive amounts of updates! (: God bless! Xoxo(:

Bring Me Down. (McLaina)

Bring Me Down- Chapter 22
“I could have missed the pain,but I’d have had to miss the dance.”
“Okay, Lizzi. You ready?”
“As ready as I’ll ever be.”
Scotty and Lizzi headed out to the truck Scotty had rented and they headed toward LAPD.
“Yeah Lizzi?”
“Do realize we could die, tonight?”
“Yeah. But, we love Lauren right?”
“Yeah totally. She’s turned into my big sister figure. I don’t know what I would do without her. I’m worried sick about her right now. What if this plan doesn’t work. What if what Desi told us on the phone earlier is just a scam? What if..”
“Lizzi, we gotta stop worrying about the what ifs and worry about right now. Yeah, we could die tonight trying to get Lauren. Our plan may not work. Desi may be scamming us. We are doing what we both know we have to do, what God wants us to do. He’s giving us the strength to do this.”
“That is true Scotty. I’m just so worried.”
“We’ll do a prayer before we go in the precinct, God will get us through it.”
*2:30 AM*
Scotty and Lizzi just finished their prayer and was headed into LAPD.
“Scotty! Lizzi!”
“Desi, any news?”
“Yes, actually. I was teamed up with Gabi. She was promising me all these things, I was going with it… Until I actually got into the case. I remembered how much I was fan of you and Lauren on Idol when I was teen, I went back and watched some old videos on YouTube and some of your interviews from earlier today about you two finally dating pubically. I couldn’t do this to you two.”
“I knew this wasn’t gunna be an easy ride. What do you know about what Gabi wants?”
“You. Scotty, that’s all she wants. You’re back on your country music high-horse. She wants your fame, your money, and the title of “Scotty McCreery’s Girlfriend” again. This was her only way. I know one of your buddies from Garner has Lauren, I wouldn’t be concerned about her safety since she’s with one of your buddies right?”
“I wouldn’t say she’s completely safe.” Lizzi said.
“Why do you say that?”
“Because.. My friends haven’t been fans of Lauren, ever.” Scotty chimed in.
“Well then, this is what we are gunna have to do, and it’s not gunna be easy, it’s gunna be real hard.”
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Bring Me Down. (McLaina)

Bring Me Down- Chapter 23
“The touch of your hand says you’ll catch me, of ever I fall.”
“Okay, you’re both wearing bulletproof vests?”
“Guns loaded and ready to fire?”
“Alright. Let’s head in.”
“I heard from Gabi a few minutes ago. I told her to fly out a few hours ago, because I hoped y’all would come to me with her message. She should be in the building.”
“Alright. You’re sure this is the right ware house?”
“Yes, Scotty. I found it for them, of course it is.”
“Let’s just stop talking and get in there. I’m gunna loose my courage soon other wise.” Lizzi interrupted.
“Alright. The back up is ready, Gabi, which ever buddy is on duty, and Lauren should be on the second floor. Let’s move in.”
Scotty, Desi, and Lizzi all ran quickly, and quietly up the stairs of the warehouse until they reached the second floor and found ware house office number 5111.
Lauren’s POV:
I’ve been stuck here for who knows how long. Last thing I remember was being drug down the boardwalk, never getting the ice cream I wanted. Once I woke up a few hours ago, I couldn’t believe that Kyle, Scotty’s best friend had brought me here, hit me twice, and threatened to do worse of I didn’t stop yelling. So I did. I didn’t get any of this until Gabi showed up like 15 minutes ago. Gabi still loved Scotty and that’s all there wa-
Lauren’s thoughts where interrupted by, “LAPD! open up! We know you’re in there!”
“Lauren! Did you call the cops, how the hell do they know we are here?”
“Okay Kyle, my hands are tied behind my back. You forced me to not talk, won’t let me answer my phone, yes genius, I totally called the cops.”
“Stop with the smartass Lauren.”
“You mad bro?”
“LAUREN! Its Scotty! Are you okay! Gabi! I know you’re in there! Open the door!”
“Alright, they are doing it. On the count of three we bust the door down.” Desi said.
All three of the finally got the door to budge and they where in.
“Kyle!?” Scotty said with wide eyes.
“Yeah, it’s me McCreery. Surprised you rememeber me.”
“Kyle and Gabi. Weren’t you two dating?” Lizzi said.
“Yeah. Actually, we where. What’s it to ya?” Gabi said. “Desi! I thought you where on my side!”
While Gabi was loosing it on Desi Scotty ran over to Lauren and was uniting her hands as quickly as possible. When he got them free they shared a quick kiss since the other where still distracted.
“Super Scotty to the rescue again..” Lauren whispered. Lauren and Scotty made it halfway to the door, then Lauren realized a gun had been fired. She didn’t know if it hit her, or Scotty, or Desi, or Lizzi…
*To Be Continued*
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Being Me Down. (McLaina)

Bring Me Down-Chapter 24
“It’s hard to deal with the pain of losing you everywhere I go
But I’m doin’ It, It’s hard to force that smile when I see our old friends and I’m alone”

Lauren and Scotty made it halfway to the door, then Lauren realized a gun had been fired. She didn’t know if it hit her, or Scotty, or Desi, or Lizzi… She felt blood running down her. She was was one hundred percent sure it had hit her. Everything happened so fast, Scotty coming and saving her, the kiss, them making it almost to the door, Scotty yelling, “Lauren! Get down!”, and now her realizing she was probably on her death bed, right when everything was finally going perfect. Until she realized, she wasn’t the one in pain, she wasn’t the one who had been shot, she wasn’t the one who was bleeding. It was the person she laying on the floor beside, the person who still had a tight grip on her hand. It was Scotty. Kyle, Scotty’s best friend, had shot him. Lauren burst into tears, unsure of what to do, she knew Scotty was wearing a bulletproof vest, because she faintly heard Desi say into her walkie talkie, “Scotty’s down, hit in leg, and once in the back but the bulletproof best protected him there, get an ambulance and back up STAT!”, Lauren didn’t move, she was on her knees just staring down at an unconscious Scotty, who was barely breathing, she assumed he had hit his head, or was unconscious from shock, Lauren didn’t know what to do. She just sat there, holding Scotty’s hand, crying, shaking, and freaking out more than she thought possible, until the ambulance showed up. She rode in the ambulance with Scotty, they almost lost him right then and there from so much blood loss, all she knew to do was stay by his side and tell him that she loved him, right now that’s all she could do.

Thanks for reading you guys! Hope y’all are enjoying this! I finally made something happen to Scotty instead of Lauren, even though it hurts Lauren. God bless! Xoxo(:

Bring Me Down. (McLaina)

Bring Me Down-Chapter 25
“Your favorite records make me feel better, because you sing along with every song.”
*4:45 AM*
October 8,2016
I seriously don’t think Scotty & me are ever gunna have the perfect McLaina fairytale life all the fanfiction writers write about. First I loose my memory, then it comes back, then everything is going great, then I get kidnapped, and now Scotty has been shot. I’m literally about to give up.
-End Lauren Journal Entry-
“Judy and Mike McCreery?”
“Yes?” they both say
“Im Doctor Borschetta. I’m here for news on your son, Scotty.”
“Oh thank goodness.” Judy said.
“What’s the news, Doc?” Mike asked
“Well, it appears that when your son fell to the ground he hit his head and he has a con-“
“Oh gosh. Please don’t let it be memory loss. We can’t handle this again.” Lauren interrupted.
“No, no. Nothing like that. He has a concussion, he lost A LOT of blood, also he’s still unconscious. Do you know his blood type Mrs. McCreery?”
Judy went through her purse and found a notepad with all the families information written in it.
“Yes, it’s A/B Positive. No one else in our family that is here has that blood type. His sister Ashley does, but she won’t be here until sometime tomorrow.”
When Lauren heard this she looked at her mom, Kristy checked a few thugs on her phone, looked back at Lauren and nodded…Lauren nodded back.
“Dr. Borschetta, I have the same blood type if you need me to donate I would be willing!” Lauren said, thinking that if a few pints of blood is all she can give to help Scotty, she’ll do it. A few hours later Lauren had donated her blood and was sitting by Scotty’s side while her parents and Scotty’s parents went down to get some breakfast.
“Scotty, I know that you probably can’t hear me right now…but.. I just want to thank you for always being super Scotty. I’d probably dead, lost, or confused right now otherwise. All of these problems and bad things keep happening to us, I don’t know. Maybe..maybe God is trying to tell us something. Maybe it-“
“Hey sweetie, sorry to interrupt, I came back for my purse. I heard you talking. Maybe you’re right, maybe things aren’t gunna work between the two of you, but I know one thing. You and Scotty where meant to be, maybe this is God showing you, that you two can get through anything.”
“Momma Judy, I really do think you have a point. I hate to think like this, but.. What if.. What if Scotty doesn’t make it through this? I’ve loved this boy laying here for six years, I won’t get it over this, things just went well, plus he’s your son, what will you do? What will the entire world do?” then Lauren broke down into tears.
“Lauren, honey, we just can’t think like that right now, that’s why I’m smiling. I know Scotty was doing what he knew he needed too, saving you. God will protect him. We gotta have faith that he will wake up.”
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Bring Me Down. (McLaina)

Bring Me Down- Chapter 26
“Baby why’d ya have to leave me, why’d ya have to go I was counting on forever.”
October 12,2016 
Luckily we haven’t had to cancel any shows, we don’t go back on tour until the 20. Lizzi, is completely freaked. Desi, is worried sick, I’m sitting her typing this trying not to loose it. We talked the McCreery’s and my parents into getting a hotel room nearby. I promised I would call if anything happened with Scotty. By the looks of it, I don’t think anything will.
-End Lauren Journal Entry-
Scotty’s POV:
“Hey Laur, you decided what you’re gunna do about your and Scotty’s relationship?” Desi asked.
Okay, that’s Desi talking. I guess if I can hear people that means I’m not dead, but why can’t I open my eyes? Why can’t I say anything, wait..Lauren, she’s right beside me. What’s her answer to that? Is she breaking up with me? She better not be. I took a bullet for her. I put Bruno Mars’ song into reality.
“I think, if God is putting us through this, he has a plan. I just have to stick on the ride to find out.”
Thank gosh. That’s a relief. Where are my parents? I guess they went somewhere to sleep. I hope. I’m sure try need it. Who knows how long I’ve been in here.
“Hey Laur, me and Desi are gunna go get some Starbucks from down the street want any?” Lizzi asked.
“Nahh. I’m good. See y’all later.”
I guess I was about to fall asleep, or am I already asleep? Heck. I don’t know, until I heard Lauren singing.
“Suppose I called you up tonight and told you that I loved you, and suppose I said I wanna come back home.” Lauren began. “Oh what’s the point, you can’t hear me anyway. Scotty, please wake up. I can’t take this.” I realized Lauren began to cry, I just want to give her a hug and tell her that I’m awake, that I hear her, and that I love her, but I can’t and I don’t know why I can’t. It’s like I’m stuck here. “You know Scotty, your wound is almost healed, it hasn’t effected your leg any the doctor said, a little physical therapy and we’ll be touring again by the twentieth. You gotta wake up for me though McCreery. I love you, you know that? I need my Super Scotty, back. We all need you to wake up. I know you’ve got it in ya. You won American Idol, you never believed that would happen. No one believes you’re gunna wake up, so do it, prove everyone wrong, just like you proved yourself wrong with Idol. Please.” I want to show her I’m here, that I can hear her, but how?
Lauren’s POV
Scotty just squeezed my hand. His hand has been limp in mine for the past I don’t know how many days, he must be able to hear me now, I texted Judy, and pressed the button for the doctor to come in. Scotty must be making progress.
I know it’s pretty short! I wanted to update once more before I went to bed! So thanks for reading & God bless! Xoxo(:

Bring Me Down. (McLaina)

Bring Me Down- Chapter 27
“And who am I to question God anyway?”
October 12,2016
You know, Scotty squeezed my hand earlier, after I sang and spilled my heart to him. The doctor came in and said he made no changes. Each one of us, his mom, my mom, his dad, my dad, Ashley, Tyler, and me again came in one by one and talked to Scotty, he squeezed our hands every time. I know he can hear us, but if God has blessed him to hear, why can’t He bless Scotty to wake up. I don’t know, I shouldn’t question God, but knowing that the love of my life is laying there, with the doctors having no faith in him making it, is seriously killing me. You would think okay, a gunshot wound in the leg, not that bad, they said if he ever wakes up he’ll have to have a month and a half of physical therapy, but he will still be able to walk on his own an perform. The wound wasn’t bad, I guess from when he hit his head and all the blood loss is what caused him to fall into this coma. I’m not a doctor So I really don’t know. I guess we all just need to continue our prayers and put all of our faith in the Lord.
-End Lauren Journal Entry-
“Scotty, it’s Laur. Our families went to get something to eat, I’m about to head to the cafeteria and get some tea. I’ll get some for you in case you decide to wake up. Squeeze my hand once for unsweetened, twice for sweet.”
Scotty squeezed Lauren’s hand twice.
“See doctor! I told you he can hear us! He’s improving, he has to be right?”
“His blood levels have gone back to almost normal, judging since he is hearing us right now I guess that’s pretty good too.”
“You GUESS?! You’re a DOCTOR! Shouldn’t you know these things without guessing?!”
Scotty squeezed Lauren’s hand as if to calm her down.
“I’m sorry, I’m just aggravated. Nobody knows what’s wrong.”
“It’s alright Lauren, you go get those teas.”
Lauren went down and got the teas for her and just in case, Scotty. When she went back up to Scotty’s room she gave him a kiss and told him that his sweet tea was right in front of him. Somehow like Lauren’s kiss was magic and he knew his favorite drink was sitting there, it happened. Scotty was awake. The doctors came in and checked Scotty out and Lauren and Scotty continued to talk until she fell into a much needed sleep. Scotty had later drifted off and Lauren woke up, went to the rest room came back and sat down, she was about to pick up her laptop and write about Scotty waking up until, Scotty began seizing.
This wasn’t my best chapter, but I hoped you guys liked it anyway! I tried to make it longer! Thanks for reading! God bless!

Bring Me Down. (McLaina)

Bring Me Down- Chapter 28
“Whatever makes you feel like a rockstar.”
October 18,2016
These past few weeks have been pretty bizarre. Scotty came out of his coma thingy, then had a seizure, then almost died (no joke his heart stopped for like 5 minutes), then he got better, thank goodness. Now he’s out of the hospital and doing very well. He’s in physical therapy for his gunshot wound in his leg, but he isn’t in any pain, so that’s good. Scotty is almost back to walking completely normal, he even played a game of church softball yesterday. We go back out on tour tomorrow, we leave tonight to head to Tupelo, Mississippi. I always love going there and being able to sing “Tupelo” from my first album. I guess I better hop off here and finish packing. I gotta help out Scotty, he wants to stop wearing the tight pants, I have made a promise to the McCreerians to not allow that to happen. Oh!! Durn! I almost forgot Desi is coming on your as our body guard to walk with us, she’s pretty cool!
-End Lauren Journal Entry-
*October 19 3:30*
“Hi! I’m Lauren Alaina. But you probably already know that.”
“Yes, yes I do! Omg, this is crazy. I can’t believe I’m finally meeting you, by finally I mean for the 6th time.”
“Well, thanks for sticking with me! Do you have VIP’s?”
“No..” Christine said frowning.
“Well, how about I upgrade you!”
“What! Seriously? That be, oh wow.”
“I’ll do it! Hey momma!”
“Yeah Lauren?”
“Will you take Christine to get upgraded for VIP’s & Back stage passes? I’ll pay Bill after.”
“Okay, will do.” Kristy said walking away with Christine.
“All the way down to Tupelo, All the way down to Tupelo.” Lauren finished the song “Tupelo” the crowd went crazy, especially since they where in Tupelo.
“Alright, this person I’m about to bring out, is pretty close to my heart.” the crowd cheered having a pretty good idea who was about to come on stage.
“This person, has saved me from several major things lately. I mean he never caught me when I fell down the stairs on nationally television or anything..” the crowd cheered as yelled ‘Scotty’ knowing for it was him. “The one who got shot for me, Tupelo welcome to the stage, “Super Scotty”! The crowd went wild and Scotty began to walk out on stage, he came from the side with crutches, and Desi beside him carrying his mic. The crowd stopped cheering from shock, since this was the first show since the accident, then the begging of “Don’t You Want To Stay” by Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson began.
Desi was still holding the mic when Scotty began singing
“I really hate to let this moment go, touching your skin and your hair falling slow, when a goodbye kiss feels like this.” right before the chorus Scotty flung his crutches down took the mic from Desi and him and Lauren finished the song full force. The crowd cheered and Scotty and Lauren hugged, which they where sure there would be a gif of on Tumblr later.
October 19,2016
No one got shot today. No one lost there memory. No one was kidnapped. No one or nothing was harmed in the making of our show tonight. I guess it’s a win-win for ready. Finally, a drama free night.
In my spoiler on twitter I know I said it had partying, but that’s next chapter. Haha! Anyway, thanks for reading! God bless! Xoxo(:

Bring Me Down. (McLaina)

Bring Me Down- Chapter 29
*The action of the characters may not fit who they are in real life. This is all fiction.*

“I’m givin’ up on love cause loves givin’ up on me.”
“Scotty, I’m not sure if this is working any more. Now that we’re on a tour break an we’re playing separate shows, I know our friendship sustained it, but I’m a little iffy on our relationship.” Lauren typed in her new message to Scotty. Within minutes she got a reply, Scotty is pretty speedy with her, but no anyone else.
“Babe, why now? Did I do something wrong?”
“No, you didn’t do anything wrong, it’s just, I have to go to to figure out where your at that night while we’re on the tour break. I love you too much to be apart like this, but if we’re gunna be apart we may has well not be together.”
“I have to do the same too, babe. I can fly from Oregon to Virginia right now if you want me too. I love you a lot too.” Lauren read on her screen, she hadn’t realized this was the first time they had ever said I love you and meaning it more than a friend in this “dating” relationship of theirs.
“Scotty.. Do you realize this is the first time we’ve said ‘I love you’ as being boyfriend & girlfriend?”
“I can’t believe we hadn’t said it before this. I shoulda planned it better. Not over a dumb text.”
“I said it first Scotty. No worries. This doesn’t really change stuff. I think maybe we should take a break. I think it’s best….for both of us.”
November 1,2016
So.. I’m pretty sure I just broke up with Scotty McCreery. Who would’ve thought. It’s not really a break up, just a ‘break’… Gunna go recover with the girls, Lizzi and Jerrica tonight. Wish Desi was here. Scotty needs her more than me though, for protection. Can’t have him getting shot again.
November 4,2016
I…umm.. Apparently, got pretty wasted last night. Lizzi and Jerrica had to CARRY me out of the club. Oh well, it was like the third time this week. Maybe me breaking it off with Scotty for awhile wasn’t the greatest idea. I’m not even 100% sure why I did it. I miss him, okay? That’s the reason. As embarrassing as it is to say this, I better get ready for another crazy night.
-End Lauren Journal Entry-
Jerrica’s POV:
I know Lauren like the back of my hand. Since I do, I know Lauren only drinks when something is bothering her, for her to go out and get wasted THREE nights in a row, Scotty must have done something bad or she’s just being stubborn. One way or the other, I have to keep her from getting crazy wasted again tonight. Time for Lizzi and I to make an over due phone call to “Super Scotty”.
Thank you guys sooo much for reading! Hope you enjoyed this, which you probably didn’t since McLaina has split(temporarily). But thanks! God bless! Xoxox(:

Bring Me Down. (McLaina)

Bring Me Down- Chapter 30
“My favorite color is neon, the light they always leave on.”
“JERR! LIZZI! HURRY UP!” Lauren yelled from the couch in the living room of the hotel they where staying at in Virginia.
“We’re coming, we’re coming.” Lizzi said walking out of the bedroom.
Lizzi’s POV:
“JERR! LIZZI! HURRY UP!” I heard Lauren yell from the living room, boy is she hard to deal with here lately.
“No promises that I’ll be there tonight, but I’ll try and get there as fast possible. I can’t believe she’s acting like this.” I heard Scotty say through the phone.
“Alright, as long as you’re in Nashville tomorrow when Lauren hits Rossville then I think we’ll be fine. This plan has GOT to work. I don’t think I can handle carrying her out of a club with Jerrica any more for awhile anyway. “
“I’ll try my best Liz.”
“Thanks Scotty, this means a lot. I’ll update you from texts on how tonight goes, some are better than others.”
“Welcome, talk to ya later!”
Scotty right now, is our only hope. Jerrica and I came up with a plan. Let’s just hope this works. Now time to go out and join the clubbing queen. They may has well just throw her on Jersey Shore, does that even come on anymore? I thought to myself before saying, “We’re coming, we’re coming.”
Here we are. At El Rincon Tropical, pretty sure Lauren was feeling Mexican tonight or something, judging by the name. The WHOLE 45 minute drive here she had “Neon” by Chris Young on repeat and she’s still singing it above the dance music. Me and Jerrica are just kinda sitting here, on one the couches, watching her with wide eyes and shaking our heads at how she’s acting.
Lauren’s POV:
Dance. Dance. Take a drink. Dance. Oooh, look hot guy.. Dance toward the hot guy, don’t look desperate, don’t look to drunk.. Okay, why am I saying this in my head? Maybe I shouldn’t drink any more tonight, oh what the heck, one more ain’t gunna hurt me, maybe the hot guy will buy me one.
“Hey! Mind if I dance here?” I asked in my flirt voice, which is usually always turned on.
“Sure I don’t mind!”
“What’s your name?!”
“John. Hey! Aren’t you Lauren Alaina?”
“In the flesh! Nice to meet you John! You have super pretty blue eyes. Just thought you should know.”
“Well thank ya! Aren’t you dating that Scotty dude?”
“We’re on a break.”
“Oh, so, ya wanna get out of here?”
“Let’s go.”
*2:35 AM*
November 5,2016
Okay, I know, it looked pretty bad with me leaving with the John dude, but we just sat in his truck and made out. No big deal. We had to leave the club because I have to get on a plane to Rossville at 3. I guess it’s gunna be an all nighter. I’m just sitting at the airport with Lizzi and Jerr. Lizzi is in a deep texting conversation with Scotty, God only knows why. They just called for my flight. Better go.
*10:00 AM*
November 5,2016
I seriously just fell asleep when this hit me. I made out with a random dude last night, well earlier this morning, I’ve been wasted the past 4 days. That’s how long me and Scotty have been broken up. Maybe this wasn’t the best idea. I’m sure he’s not happy either, maybe I should drive on up to his apartment in Nashville and fix all this. You can take back “going on a break” right?
Thanks for reading! God bless! Xoxo(:

Bring Me Down. (McLaina)

Bring Me Down-Chapter 31
“All these reasons I’m standing at your door, I think I’ve had enough.”
Scotty’s POV:
I had just gotten off the plane at the Nashville airport and turned my phone back on when I felt it vibrate in my pocket. The screen said: “New iMessage: Lizzi”
“Hey, umm.. You haven’t heard from Lauren today have you?” Great. Now Lauren’s missing again. I thought to myself.
“No, why?” I replied headed out to my truck that should be awaiting me right where I left it last week. Once I got in the truck my phone went off again. Another message from Lizzi, was more like book.
“Dang. I don’t know, we dropped her off at Kristy & JJ’s this morning. She’s been journaling.. I’m in her room right now actually, her laptop was left up with the newest entry. SHE’S HEADING TO YOUR APARTMENT IN NASHVILLE.”
Well.. That was unexpected. I thought to myself.
“Okay, I’m headed that way when did she leave?”
“a few hours ago, she’ll be there soon!”
*2:30 PM*
November 5,2016
I went to Scotty’s. Here’s what happened. So, I’m pretty sure I stood outside his apartment door knocking for like 15 minutes. He finally gets there and I basically lay it all down.
“Scotty, before you say anything to me, I want you to know, that I’m sorry. I’m sorry for breaking it off with you. I’m sorry for probably keeping you worried by going out and getting wasted these passed few nights. I’m sorry for making out with some random dude during my drunken stuper. I love you. That’s why I’m standing here. I’ve had enough of us being apart. We’ve been through one two many things this year. I don’t know what else to say other than I’m sorry and that I lov-” and right there is when he kissed me. I guess that was him accepting my apology and shutting me up. He wants to go out to dinner tonight, with Desi’s supervision of course, no more shootings, accidents, or kidnappings are going to happen, if they do, I’m almost 100% sure that I will have some kind of a mental and physical breakdown. So that’s that. Time to get ready.
-End Lauren Journal Entry-
"@Lauren_Alaina: “Time to get ready for mine and @ScottyMcCreery ‘s dinner date tonight. #missedyou. (:”
“@McLainaNews: Yes folks you heard right, McLaina is back on. #LongLiveMcLaina”
“@IAmAWildflower_ : Time to body gaurd for @ScottyMcCreery and @Lauren_Alaina on their date tonight. #ilovemyjob”
“@ScottyMcCreery: Can’t wait for tonight! Oh and @Lauren_Alaina, #imissedyoutoo.”
Thanks for reading! @McLainaNews is the Twitter account Lizzi is in charge of for the tour if you remember me talking about it in the story. God bless! Xoxo(:

Bring Me Down.(McLaina)

Bring Me Down-Chapter 32 
“Oh it’s a beautiful thing, don’t think I can keep it all in, I just gotta let you know, what it is that won’t let me go, it’s your love.”
November 6,2016
I’m on a flight to Raleigh, North Carolina for a glorious few days with my second family in Garner. Lizzi, Desi, Scotty, Momma Judy, Mike, and Ashley. I wish my momma could be here, but I figure she’s needs a break every now and then. Ps. Scotty is reading this right now beside me… So I can’t get to sappy. Haha. Really, being back with Scotty is great. I don’t know why I let the distance get to me.. Our dinner date last night was great, no fans really bothered us, they’re never a bother though, no one trying to kill was a great night.
-End Lauren Journal Entry-
“Babe, we don’t have any plane instagram pictures.”
“OMG Scotty. This is a tragedy.”
“Was that sarcasm?”
“Yeah! You where being a little to serious dramatic, we can take pictures Scawwty. Breathe.” Lauren said to Scotty while laughing a little bit.
“Well then lets do it!”
“That could go south. Wait, that didn’t work as well as it did in that one interview..okay, just never mind. Take the pictures!”
“Rambler..” Scotty mumbled.
Scotty and Lauren took several pictures on Scotty’s phone, crazy ones and cute ones. Afterward, since there was wi-fi on the plane, Lauren threw a Twitter Party and Scotty spammed instagram with McLaina pictures, it’s only taken him almost four years to hit 100 pictures.
“@ScottyMcCreery: @Lauren_Alaina, @IAmAWildflower_, @lizzi_2904, & me are Wheels Up✈ to Garner. #homesweethome.”
“@Lauren_Alaina: @ScottyMcCreery, @IAmAWildflower_ , @lizzi_2904 ; I seriously can’t wait to see my second family. #McCreerysHereICome.”
“@IAmAWildflower: Glad I finally get to see the McCreery’s in a happy time over the next few days. #alreadylovethem.”
“@lizzi_2904: who would’ve thought 2 months ago I would be on a plane with Scotty McCreery & Lauren Alaina headed to Garner, NC? #notme.”
Sorry for the mega short chapter. Pretty sure I was having some writers block on this one. Thanks for reading! Sorry it wasn’t my best chapter either. It gets better, promise! God bless! Xoxo(:

Bring Me Down. (McLaina)

Bring Me Down-Chapter 33
“I don’t know how you do what you do
I’m so in love with you It just keeps getting better I want to spend the rest of my life,with you by my side
Forever and ever.”
November 6,2016 
We finally made it to Garner a few hours ago. I’m sitting in Scotty’s room, he’s taking some emergency shower for some surprise he has planned for me tonight, I’m already ready, and he’s STILL in the shower, what is this? I’m the girl. I should be the one taking forever. Anyway.. Desi and Lizzi both went out to explore the ‘huge’ town of Garner. Sounds like somebody in boots walking down the hall, must be Scotty.
-End Lauren Journal Entry-
Scotty’s POV:
“You ready to go?” I asked Lauren. I’ve never been so nervous in my life. This is gunna be a huge step in our relationship, if I can get the words out of mouth.
“Yeah! Where are we going again?”
“You’ll see!” maybe she’ll see. Gosh, what I’m to nervous to drive. Then what am I supposed to do? I walked her out to Loretta, who by the way is still going strong, I think it’s getting time for a new one, but the first is always the best. I drove about fifteen minutes before I reached Lake Benson. Since it was November it was pretty deserted.
“Scotty, what are we doing here?”
Okay, seems like now or never. That’s when I started my speech, “Lauren, I want to give you this,” I began pulling out a box that inside had a silver band with LAKS+SCM engraved around it, “it isn’t a proposal, but it’s a promise. First I want to say, your love has been better than anything over these passed few years, even when we where on the Idol tour and the last performance rolled around and we ran out of summertime. Even from the time you told me you weren’t one of them at Brad’s pool party, but that’s the funny thing about love, right? I want you to know you can write your number on my hand as much as you want, you said you wanted one of those boys, here I am! You have been a lot lotta trouble lately,” Shes laughing at this, is that good or bad? Oh crap Scotty! Focus! “but maybe we can still go up on the roof, or maybe take a walk in the country. There aint no greater distance than the eighteen inches from your head to heart, Lauren, I love you this big”I said spreading my arms like I do at every show, “just as much as your mother does. So this is my promise to you that you will be the one and only who can say it best when you say nothing at all, even if it’s rare that you say nothing at all.” It didn’t take me long to memorize this, it felt natural, it was most of the songs off both of our first albums and a few from Idol. I know Lauren is almost 22 and I’m 23, some people say we may as well just get engaged at this point, but we’re taking things pretty slow. No rush for marriage, especially with this new tour.
“Scotty, that was the sweetest thing I have ever heard. I promise the same to you. You left me speechless, that’s pretty hard to do.” I left Lauren Alaina speechless. That must’ve been a good speech.
Okay, I know this wasn’t the BEST ending, but I wasn’t sure how else to end it. Thanks for reading!

Bring Me Down. (McLaina)

Bring Me Down-Chapter 34
“Momma hollers supper time and don’t make me tell you twice.”
November 7,2016
Scotty. Cooke. McCreery. Holy. Crap. I thought I loved him before last night. Nope, if he would’ve told me we where going to BoJangles to get married right then and there, I would have taken off running full speed toward that restaraunt. The speech he gave me before he gave me promise ring was the cutest and sweetest thing ever. I made him sing Amazed after that. I can’t believe how in love I am with Scotty McCreery, loosing my memory wasn’t that bad after all. If I didn’t I would be sitting here typing some awful thing about him, God works in mysterious ways I guess. Life in the McCreery house is good. Momma Judy is making fried chicken tonight. The best I’v ever had, but shhh. Don’t tell my momma..
-End Lauren Journal Entry-
Lauren’s POV:
“@McLainaNews: @ScottyMcCreery gave @Lauren_Alaina the cutest speech last night @ Lake Benson. #promiseringwasgiven #presshh.”
Okay, how can I not RT that.
“@Lauren_Alaina: @McLainaNews @ScottyMcCreery it was the cutest speech. #thoughtilovedhimbefore.”
“@IAmAWildflower_ okay, I don’t care if I’m a room over, @Lauren_Alaina tweeting cute stuff about Scotty still #warmsmymclainaheart.”
“@lizzi_2904: even if I was the one to start it.. #iagreewithdesi.”
“Hey! Whatcha doin’?” I heard Scotty ask as he entered the living room.
“Not much, tweeting about last night with Desi and Lizzi.”
“oh, I’ll have to retweet those sometime. I’m not really in the mood for my twitter to explode more than usual.”
“Hmm.. Well what are you in the mood for?” I asked.
“This…” Scotty said before kissing me. It about went full fledge make out until..
“Kids, supper is almost done. Don’t ruin the rest of our appetites with your kissing, the cuteness on Twitter is enough.” I hear Momma Judy saying from the kitchen door way.
“Sorry Momma Judy.” I say.
“No really, don’t worry about it. You two are adorable. I’m glad you both are finally happy and drama free, and in love.”
“Me too, Momma, me too.” Scotty says.
“Alright, let’s eat!” Then doorbell rings and then the door opens, okay.. The person must come here often, we all walk to the door and I literally scream. My Momma is standing there, luggage in hand.
“Momma! What ARE you doing here!! I havent seen you in weeks! I’ve missed you!”
“I’m here to see my future son in-laws family! I’ve missed you too La!”
“Mom, we arent engaged…”
“I know, but you will be.”
Thanks for reading! I know this kinda sucks compared to my last chapter.. Oh well! God bless & Good night! Xoxo(:

Bring Me Down. (McLaina)

Bring Me Down-Chapter 35 Part One
“They steal you with hello, they kill you with goodbye. They hook you with one touch, and you can’t break free.”
Scotty’s POV:
Okay. Last day in Garner. We’re going to the NC State Game in a few hours. After we have to get on plane to go back on tour, shows start tomorrow. I know I just gave Lauren the promise ring a couple of weeks ago, but our love feels..different, stronger I guess. My momma gave me my grandmas engagement ring, she told me to use it when I felt it was right. If I can talk to JJ today, I may just pop the question at the game. If I was nervous giving the girl a promise ring, what on earth makes me think I can propose to her. Get it together Scotty. You. Can. Do. This.
-End Scotty POV-
November 19,2016
It’s the last day on Garner before Scotty, me, Momma Judy, and my Momma head out for touring again. I’m glad they are coming on for awhile, it’ll be just like old times. Last week Momma Judy, Ashley, my Momma, and I all went shopping in Raleigh…that was pretty fun. We are going to the NC state game today, should be pretty fun. Scotty has been acting weird since we got up a little bit ago, I don’t know what’s gotten into him. Well, I’m gunna go and start getting ready or..something. Haha.
-End Lauren Journal Entry-
Lauren’s POV:
Lauren got up off of the couch and sat her laptop on the coffee table and walked toward Scotty’s room.
“Scotty? You in here? Heeelllloooo?” where could that boy be?
“Scotty!” hmm.. I don’t think he left, unless.. I bet he left out the kitchen door. Lauren pulled out her iPhone and sent him a text.
“Scotty, where on earth did you go at 8:30 in the morning?”
Well, might as well tweet the disappearance too..
“@Lauren_Alaina: Ten dollars says that @ScottyMcCreery is at BoJangles right now getting sweet tea at 8:30 in the morning. #onlyhim”
Scotty’s POV:
I glanced over at my phone while I waiting at a stop light, okay, good. Lauren is assuming I’m getting sweet tea, which there will be a pretty good chance I’ll have some when I get back. I’m on my way to meet JJ and Kristy. They went Raleigh for something early this morning, I’m not sure what. We’re gunna go get some breakfast and that’s when I’m gunna ask JJ if I can marry Lauren. I just have to get the words out of my mouth, then we should be good to go. I don’t know why I’m so nervous, her parents are always telling me how much they love me and my family. I guess it’s just a pretty big step to take.
Thanks for reading! Hope y’all enjoy the next few McLaina in love chapters! God bless! Xoxo(:

Bring Me Down. (McLaina)

Bring Me Down-Chapter 35 Part Two
“God gave me you for the ups and downs, God gave me you for the days of doubt.”
“You wanted to meet up with us to ask if you could propose to Lauren?”
JJ asked Scotty.
“Umm.uh. Yes sir.” Scotty replied a little nervous.
“Well, you know she can be a lot to handle, but I’m pretty sure you’ve figured that out by now.”
“Yes,sir I have.”
“I’m vey grateful for the fact that you came and asked me for my blessing and permission. Yes, Scotty, you can marry my daughter.”
“I second that.” Kristy said.
“Thank you both for this so much, I better get back, I’m gunna try to do it at the game later. Be watching!”
“oh don’t worry! We will be!” Kristy said. With that Scotty got up, paid, and was back out to his truck and was headed back to Garner.
Lauren’s POV:
November 19,2016
Okay, I have no idea where Scotty went. He’s been gone for hours. If we’re gunna make it to the game we gotta leave in like 30 minutes.
-End Lauren Journal Entry-
*2:30 At The Game*
Scotty’s POV:
Halftime. 4 minutes to half time. 4 minutes until I ask Lauren to marry me. 4 minutes until our proposal ends up on the Internet everywhere. 4 minutes until our lives may or may not change forever. 3 minutes. 3 minutes to the big moment. 3 minutes until I say 4 simple words that could change everything. 2 minutes. Focus Scotty, you can do this.
Lauren’s POV:
Alright, Scotty’s looking a little worried. States winning, so what’s his- Holy.. Oh my gosh. What’s he doing. No seriously WHAT is he doing? WHY am I saying this to myself?
“Scotty! What are you doing?”
Oh lord, we’re on the big screen, he’s on one knee, this a proposal. No way. Oh my gosh. Lauren! Pay attention! Your gunna miss what he’s saying!”
“So, Lauren Alaina Kristine Suddeth, will you marry me?”
I missed everything he said, smart Lauren. You just had to talk to yourself, like your doing now. Answer the boy!
“Yes! This is wow.”
Scotty got up, put the the ring on Lauren’s finger, kissed her, the crowd clapped and awed. Everything was perfect, until…
Sorry for the cliffhanger, thanks for reading! God bless! Xoxo(:

Bring Me Down. (McLaina)

Bring Me Down- Chapter 36
“Truth comes out a little at a time.”
Scotty’s POV:
“WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING SCOTTY!?” I knew that voice anywhere. Gabi. Last time I checked she was still under the authorities watch with Kyle in LA. Now she’s here, at the NC State game, right behind me and Lauren. Desi’s here, that’s about the only thing keeping me sane. Let’s just hope security is around here somewhere..
Lauren’s POV:
I get engaged to the best guy ever and the ex-girlfriend slash kidnapper and hater of me is right behind us. Cool. Now Scotty’s going to talk to her, okay, he wants to die. This is AWESOME. Not.
“Gabi, what the heck is your problem?”
“My problem? You want to know my problem?”
“Yes. I want to know your problem, your problem with me and Lauren. We did NOTHING to you. YOU where miserable with me being gone. When we where together I did EVERYTHING for you, but you still weren’t happy.”
“My problem. My problem? No! I wasn’t happy, because when you Lauren became close friends again in 2013 I LOST the spotlight. Lauren stole my thunder. You PROMISED me that you and Lauren didn’t have anything, but look at you now!”
“So the truth finally comes out. You where with me for the fame. What about Kyle? Why did he team up with you? And I promised you then because there wasn’t anything. That was THREE years ago, Gabi. Things CHANGE.”
“Yeah, they do. You told me I would be the one you married. And Kyle? He’s the one whose been fronting all along on his opinions about Lauren. The plan was, if we kidnapped Lauren.. That I would end up with you and Kyle would have Lauren.”
“Scotty, just come on with me and Lauren. We are all better off.” Desi said
November 19,2016
Well, who knew Scotty was going to propose to me today? Not me! I was stuck in the perfect moment, yeah, okay, I missed what he said before he asked, but still. Perfect moment. Until little miss priss Gabi ruined it all. Kyle actually loved me, all these year of thinking he hated me, when he actually hated Scotty for having me loving him. Talk about my life being a roller coaster.
-End Lauren Journal Entry-
“Whatcha doin?” I heard Scotty ask when he walked into his room.
“Oh, Journaling, before we leave.”
“I’m gunna have to read these journal things sometime..”
“HA.HA. No you aren’t.”
“I can’t believe our two weeks in Garner is already over. I’m really sorry about how Gabi was at the game. It ruined the whole moment.”
“Scawty, don’t be sorry. It wasn’t your fault.”
“Desi’s gunna try and get we arrested again, for lying in court. She has the whole thing recorded, everything she said at the game.”
“Kids! Come on! Gotta leave for our flight soon!” Momma Kristy yelled up the stairs.
“Alright! We’re coming momma!,” Lauren yelled back down the stairs.
“I guess the truth comes out a little at time, right?”
“Laur, I think your right.”
Thank for reading! I’m loosing several readers, let me know what I’m doing wrong! Please? God bless! Xoxo(:

Bring Me Down. (McLaina)

Bring Me Down-Chapter 37

“I wanna give your heart a break.”

November 21,2016

Can I just like throw something at the press? Since me and Scotty got engaged, that’s ALL they want to hear about. Maybe with our duet album coming out tomorrow it will distract them some. McLainers are in full swing, seriously their dreams are coming true, it’s so sweet! Haha. I’m on vocal rest. Again. I haven’t been on since 2012, but I guess with the yelling I’ve been doing(you know kidnapping, loosing my memory.) then making the album, I guess it was a little much on my voice. It’s not as serious as it was in 2012, but still. Low amounts of talking? Really. That’s hard. I should be off by the 25th. We hope. That’s when we have our big shows. Christmas is sooooo close.We have “Baby It’s Cold Outside” on our album as a bonus Christmas track and “New Again” the song by Brad and Sarah did. I LOVE it! Scotty’s asleep. Desi’s asleep. Lizzi’s asleep. Momma & Momma Judy are out shopping…or something. Here I am, wide awake, alone, with nothing to do…I mean I’m typing this, but- HEY SCOTTY’S AWAKE! YES! SOMETHING TO DO! <—omg.That doesn’t sound good.

-End Lauren Journal Entry-

“Scotty! You’re awake! Finally!”

“Baby, what ARE you doing?”

“I’m talking silly, what ARE you doing?”

“I know that. I meant why are you talking, don’t you want your voice back for the 25th?”

“Yeah…But I miss talking to you!”

“Well, I miss talking with you too, but we can still text!”

“or this…” Lauren leaned in and kissed Scotty. Lauren’s hands went to Scotty’s hair and his went to her back. He rolled over to where he was on top of her. They went far, but not very far. The make out session went on for about 20 minutes. When they finally stopped they where both breathless. Lauren pulled out her phone and typed something. Seconds late Scotty’s phone vibrated.

“New iMessage: Lauren McCreery”

“That’s one way to keep me from talking.”

Scotty chuckled and replied back:

“I’ll have to remember that!(;”

He sat his phone on the bed between him and Lauren and reached over to find the remote. Lauren replied:

“haha! yes you will!”

Lauren glanced over and seen her name in Scotty’s phone was “Lauren McCreery” sge typed another message:

“Hey! Since when is my last name McCreery? We aren’t married yet! (;”

After Scotty read these he laughed. While he was replying back, Lauren went into the bathroom. He said:

“It’s catchy! That’s why your last name is McCreery(;”

When Scotty looked over he seen that Lauren had his name as “Husband(:” “Who’s talking now?” he thought to himself. He sent her another message:

“Hey, why is my name husband? We aren’t married yet(;”

Thanks for reading! I had to get in some McLaina action! The next chapter will be filled! Fair- warning: Prepare your McLaina hearts. Kenzie, you’re welcome for fixing this chapter for you, on my own time at the library! haha. God bless! Xoxo(:

Bring Me Down. (McLaina)

Bring Me Down-Chapter 38
“I can’t be bothered now to miss you anymore.”
Gabi’s POV:
You know what? Being locked up kinda sucks. I get house arrest tomorrow. Thank God. One this about this whole situation, is that it’s stupid. I was stupid. Kyle was stupid for helping me. All over Scotty. I knew from the time Idol started and Scotty and Lauren became friends I would be gone later and she would e who he would marry. Point blank. When I get out of here, I’m sending Scotty a text. Maybe even a phone call, but he won’t answer. I’m apologizing. I feel like crap about this, and I should. Like Lauren and Scotty needed more trouble in their life. Lauren’s actually not that bad, I actually like her, who knows, maybe in the future we can be friends. I just know I can’t be bothered to miss Scotty any more.
-End Gabi POV-
November 23,2016
So, a few days ago..Scotty & I sent about 100 texts to each other talking about each others names in our phones and our wedding. It’s really soon, but not to soon, ya know? We’re still young! We’re thinking May 25,2017 though. What better day to get married other than the day Scotty was announced American Idol season 10? Heck. I kissed him on national television that night. Haha. I’m allowed to talk tomorrow, thank goodness.
-End Lauren Journal Entry-
Lauren and Lizzi where laying around the tour bus waiting for Scotty and Desi to come out of Wal*Mart.
Lauren’s phone vibrated, she looked down and seen, “New iMessage: Little Sister!” Lizzi follows those no talking rules when it comes to Lauren, after experiencing the forever long one in 2012 she didn’t want it happening again.
-Lizzi & Lauren Text-
“So, May 25,2017 is THE date? :D”
“Not set in stone, but most likely.”
“Are you going traditional wedding dress, or..?”
“I really want a white dress, but one I can wear with cowboy boots. Maybe like a sun-dress, but classyier ya know? Or maybe one where it’s short in the front with a train..”
“Ooh. Either one sounds good!”
-End Lizzi & Lauren Text-
“What are you girls doing?” The familiar deep voice of Scotty McCreery asked.
“Wedding planning.” Lizzi said and Lauren nodded.
“I get to wear boots, right?” Scotty asked with wide eyes
“As long as they aren’t those Garner boots of yours you can.” Lauren spoke up
“Hey! The Garner boots aren’t THAT bad Lauren.” Desi said.
“I like Desi’s opinion why don’t me and you just get married instead?” Scotty said joking around.
“Why not! Let’s elope!” Desi said going along with the joke.
“We will be in Gatlinburg next week, how about we go get married in a chapel there?”
“GUYS! Would you two hush already?” Lauren said, while Lizzi, Desi, and Scotty where dying laughing.
Okay, sucky chapter, the next is better, promise! Thanks for reading! God bless! Xoxo(:

Bring Me Down. (McLaina)

Bring Me Down. -Chapter 39
*Authors note: I made my high school danceteam, so updates my come slower, I’m sorry! I’ll get them up as fast as possible!*
“There ain’t no greater distance than the eighteen inches from your head to your heart.”
November 25,2016
Happy Thanksgiving! I’m off vocal rest and we’re at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade! Hopefully Scotty & I will fly back to Rossville do my families Thanksgiving and then get back on a plane to Garner for Scotty’s. We are actually on our way to the air port right now. Our performances went well, we sang a duet from our album called, “Little of This, Little of That.” it kinda reminds me of “Times A Wasting” by Johnny and June. We didn’t lip sync this year, we’ve had a few ‘not so great’ incidents with doing that, it’s more fun live anyway. We’re announcing the wedding date to everyone today, I’m so excited! Desi, Lizzi, Jerr, Momma Judy, and my Momma are helping me plan, I’ve actually waited for this day to happen for FOREVER. For awhile I wanted Scotty to be standing beside me, then I hated him. All along though, I swear I had this feeling, apparently everyone else did too, that my daddy would give me away to Scotty, I just didn’t know it would be this soon. He honestly just makes my heart melt, Scotty is the sweetest most loving guy I’ve ever dated… I just, ahh… Lauren, just be quiet. You’ll go on for days about how in love with Scotty you are. We’re almost to the airport, so, ROSSVILLE HERE WE COME!
Sorry it’s so short, and not the greatest, but it gets better I swear!

Bring Me Down. (McLaina)

Bring Me Down-Chapter 40
“But now you have to let your baby fly.”
“Do you, Scotty Cooke McCreery, take Lauren Alaina Kristine Suddeth to be lawfully wedded wife?” the preacher asked Scotty.
“She’s has enough names already, but, I do.” Scotty replied and the guests at the wedding giggled at his statement.
“You know McCreery, you could take one of MY names.” Lauren said joking around
“No thanks.” Scotty mouthed.
“Do you, Lauren Alaina Kristine Suddeth, take Scotty Cooke McCreery to be your lawfully wedded husband?”
“NO!” The familiar voice of Gabi boomed throughout the church.
Lauren awoke instantly after that moment and sat up straight in the bed. Scotty was still sleeping, they had a pretty busy couple of days. Lauren heard her phone vibrate from the nightstand beside the bed, she leaned over and seen it was 5:00 AM and she had a text from Carrie Underwood.
“Hey girl! Sorry I couldn’t tell you sooner, but congrats on your and Scotty’s engagement! I knew this would happen! I better be invited to the wedding!”
“Awe! Thanks Carrie! You might just be more than invited! Haha!”
Lauren laid back down and drifted off into sleep thinking about tomorrows full day of wedding planning. When you think about it, the wedding is just around the corner.
-2:30 PM-
“Lauren, Lauren! What about these cards for the invitations?” Desi asked.
“Ooh, I like those, anything with zebra!”
“Do you have your engagement picture photographer set up yet?” Jerrica asked.
“No! I haven’t even got around to that. I was just thrown into to y’all threes wedding planning whirlwind.” Lauren said with a laugh.
“Okay, ladies, yall have been planning for a good two hours. Can we please go get lunch now?” Scotty spoke up from the couch where he has been twitter partying for the past hour and a half.
“I guess.. If we must.” Lizzi said looking up from the notebook where she was writing everything down.
“Where do y’all want to eat?” Lauren asked.
“Well, if Scotty has anything to do with it my guess would be, BoJangles, am I right or am I right?” Jerrica said.
“Yeah, you’re right. So who wants it?” Scotty asked.
“It’s Bo Time!” everyone in the room replied, with that they all headed out of the McCreery home and off to BoJangles, where something very, VERY unexpected happened..
Cliffhanger, pretty sure Lizzi & Desi are gunna kill me. Oh well. Thanks for reading! God bless! Xoxo(:

Bring Me Down. (McLaina)

Bring Me Down-Chapter 41
“I bet if I whispered your name there’d still be a spark.”
“and then, Lauren was about to get on the escalator and when she got on it, the thing just like jerked to a stop and everyone turned around and looked down to see what happened-” Desi was telling Scotty
“And then some little girl turned around a said very loud to her mom, “Look mom! Lauren Alaina broke the moving steps!” then everyone laughed.” Lizzi finished.
“Pretty sure that was the second most embarrassing thing of my life.. Maybe the third.” Lauren said
“What was the first?” Scotty asked, even though he already knew.
“Either falling down the stairs on national television or being told I was better singer than Miley Cyru-“
“Hey guys!” Lauren was cut off, everyone’s eyes widen and they all exchanged small glances.
Gabi’s POV:
I couldn’t have picked a better time to want some BoJangles, Scotty, Lauren, and their two sidekicks where there. I knew this would be the perfect time to try and fix this mess. I don’t expect to be invited to the wedding or anything, I just want a settlement, I guess.. After I got my food I seen where they all where at a table laughing, I hated to interrupt, but it was now or never.
“Hey guys!” yes, I seen them all get a little freaked and exchange glances at the sound of my voice. I can only imagine why.
“Gabi! What now?” Scotty asked me
“I’m here to apologize. Seriously, I was so out of control and stupid. Can we just put this behind us and we all just move on?”
“So, just like that you want them to forget everything that happened?” One of the girls asked me.
“Actually no, I just want forgiveness or anything because I’m truly sorry.”
“Gabi, I just don’t know what to say to you right now.” Scotty began telling me.
Thanks for reading! Sorry this wasnt awesome! God bless! Xoxo(:

Bring Me Down. (McLaina)

Bring Me Down-Chapter 42
“and I thought I loved her then.”
November 28,2016
GABI CAME AND APOLOGIZED TO US THE OTHER DAY. I was in complete shock. I’ll give her some time. If she can handle and make it past mine and Scotty’s wedding, maybe we can become friends again. I’m going wedding dress shopping tomorrow. I’m seriously overjoyed. I can’t believe that the date is getting here so fast.
-End Lauren Journal Entry-
“Hey beautiful.” Lauren heard Scotty say from the doorway.
“Hello handsome.” Lauren said walking to Scotty and giving him a hug before giving him a peck on the lips.
“You ready to dress shop tomorrow with the girls?”
“Of course I am! I can’t wait for our wedding to happen. We have engagement pictures next week in Florida on the beach, then some in Nashville. Don’t forget!”
“How am I gunna forget if we’re touring the 4 days and that’s all you’ll be talking about?”
“You have a point..”
“Wanna go for a ride?”
“Where are we riding to?”
“That is a surprise!”
Scotty drove down the oh so familiar roads of Garner for about 10 minutes, Lauren was told not to open her eyes, so she didn’t. They arrived at the Garner Magnet High School baseball field. The place they shared their first “not nationally televised kiss” and where Lauren was taught how to pitch the “proper” way.
“McCreery, why on Earth are we here at 10 o’clock at night?”
“Do you know what day it is?”
“November 28….?”
“Do you know what happened on this day, in the first spot in 2013?” Scotty said pointing down at the pitcher mound.
“Oh my goodness, Scotty, I seriously almost forgot! It’s when you asked me to be your girlfriend for the first, well technically second time!”
“And since it was still kind of our secret, I gave you…” when Scotty said this he turned around and headed toward the dugout, running and returned within minutes with a blue sweatshirt. Lauren instantly knew what it was. Scotty’s senior baseball sweat shirt. With “McCreery: 8” on the back.
“Scotty, where did you find that?”
“When you lost your memory, Jerrica gave it to me. Remember when you wore this thing into WalMart once?”
“Yes! McLainers kinda lost it, it was just funny that what they where saying was true.”
“Now, in 5 months, at this time, we’ll be honeymooning, in.. Well..uh.. Where ever we pick!”
“Crazy isn’t it?” Scotty went back into the dugout, brought out a blanket, Lauren slipped on the sweat shirt, and they lasted right there, in the outfield, looking up at the stars when Lauren seen a quick flash going across the sky.
“Look Scotty! A shooting star! Make a wish!”
“I don’t know why I would need too, I’m in my favorite town, on my favorite field, with my favorite girl, with a perfect career. I don’t think I need to be wishing, I need to be thanking God for my blessings.”
“Scotty, you know what?”
“What you just said is the reason I fell in love with you.”
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Bring Me Down-Chapter 43
“in a dirt road prayer.”
November 30,2016
I found the PERFECT dress yesterday. It’s white, obviously, it’s a classy dress that hits me right at the knee, I’m going to wear cowgirl boots, and a blue jean jacket. Scotty and I decided for a country wedding. Which I think is suitable. Scotty’s going to wear nice jeans, yes jeans, Scotty tweeted: “Lauren’s letting me wear jeans in the wedding? #holdup #amidreaming?” which then caused Blake Shelton to tweet him: “Miranda let me wear jeans too. #goodwomen” haha. Anyway, it’s going to be awesome. I got all my bridesmaids decided, Jerrcia, duh, Pia, Carrie, Katelyn, Haley, Lizzi, and Desi. I wanted Pia, Haley, and Carrie to be my bridesmaids SO bad, I’m glad they could do it! We’re flying out of Garner tonight for a show in Oregon, we’re getting a new opening act, who is apparently a lot like a mix Miranda Lambert, Me, and Skylar Laine.. She sounds pretty cool, her name Lily. We’ll see how it goes. I heard her sing, she’s pretty awesome, and she’s only 16, she’s gotta be overwhelmed. I know I was back when I was 16.. I’m still so overjoyed about finding my dress. It makes me do hap- OMG. The bridesmaids dresses! No, they aren’t hideous. They’re yellow sundresses, the flowers are daisy’s (hehe. Windflowers, I’m creative. Representing my first album and stuff.), and they’ll wear brown cowboy boots. EEEP! I can’t wait. I want Tipsee in the wedding, she’s getting pretty up there in age, but I think she’s got enough in her to ride in a wagon the ring bearer and flower girl will be pulling. Our engagement pictures! Ahh! Joey, our photographer, told me some of his ideas. They’re gunna rock. I’m So excited. Count how many times I say excited, I’m sure it’s a ton. Scotty and I decided to honeymoon in the Bahamas. Gosh, I just can’t wait to see all this fall in place! We’re inviting Gabi, our future as friends, completely depends on how she acts through the wedding, let’s hope it doesn’t go down like it did my dream a few nights ago….
Thanks for reading y’all! Hope you enjoyed! God bless! Xoxo(:

Bring Me Down. (McLaina)

Bring Me Down- Chapter 44
“That’s the funny thing about love.”
December 5,2016
Can I just say, this is going to be the angriest post ever. Okay, so that Lily girl came on tour with us as the opening act. First off, I’d love to know who she thinks she is. She’s sweet as can be and yeah, she’s only 16, but what she’s being doing. Uggghhhh. Okay, so we where in Washington, she’s on stage right before me for opening, I hear the music to “Funny Thing About Love” thinking that was my cue, but no! She’s SINGING it. Okay, that doesn’t bother me that much, but AFTER she brought up her, “best friend” who’s a boy, and sang “When You Say Nothing At All” like, what is this? They’re like wanna be Lauren and Scotty’s. I love that someone wants to be like me, but when they sing songs that are already on the artist is just totally uncalled for. Scotty’s says I’m over reacting and that I’m just upset and maybe I should get to know her, she is like a carbon copy of me. It’s a little scary. I seriously believe we’re long lost twins. Anyway, now that I’ve ranted.. I kinda do feel like maybe I should get to know her.. I’m still mad though.
-End Lauren Journal Entry-
“LAURREEEENNN!” Lizzi yelled from the bedroom of the hotel suite they where staying at in Florida.
“Yeah Lizzi!?” Lauren said when she opened the bedroom door, she found a Lizzi, Scotty stare down.
“Please tell Scotty that he is supposed to wear the blue button down shirt first tomorrow and not the NC state shirt.”
“You’re supposed to wear the blue button shirt first tomorrow, Scotty. She knows what she’s talking about..”
“But I thought that you said I was suppose-“
“Shhh! The girls are always right.” Lauren said with a wink.
Lauren went back into the living room and got on Twitter. She seen Lizzi had just tweeted from the McLaina news account..
“@McLainaNews: Scotty & Lauren take their engagement pictures tomorrow! Hopefully I’ll be able to get you guys a #sneakpeak.”
“@Lauren_Alaina: @McLainaNews I’m sure that can be arranged! #lovethemclainers.”
After Lauren tweeted that she decided to go check out Scotty’s tweets since she had looked at his for awhile. She seen he changed his icon to a picture of the two of them at the NC State game with him on his knee holding the ring box and Lauren doing the gasp/surprise look. That was a pretty priceless picture.
“@ScottyMcCreery: All these outfits for engagement pictures. #gunnabethedeathofme.”
“@ScottyMcCreery: Lauren is ticked off. Everyone take cover. #ididntdoit.”
Lauren seen that and RT’d it and replied.
“@Lauren_Alaina: @ScottyMcCreery hey now, McCreery. Watch that #subtweeting.”
Lauren tweeted one more thing before getting off and started to get ready for the show in Panama that night,
“@Lauren_Alaina: Me & McCreery are ready to rock out Panama! How about y’all? #lovethewarmFloridaweather.”
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Bring Me Down. (McLaina)

Bring Me Down-Chapter 46 Part One.
“Hey, I’m a little drunk on you and high on summertime.”
*2013: Scotty was driving down an old back road in the outskirts of Nashville Tennessee, Lauren leaned over and kissed him on the cheek and whispered “pull over”. Scotty did so then Lauren got to wear she was straddling Scotty’s lap in the drivers seat. Lauren began to kiss Scotty and Scotty squeezed her hips in appreciation. When Scotty broke free from Lauren’s kiss he said, “Dagum Lauren.” Lauren giggled and began kissing him again, Scotty broke free and began kissing Lauren’s neck, she rolled her neck back to give him more access.
Lauren looked Scotty in the eye and smiled then began unbuttoning Scotty’s shirt.
“Are you sure about this Lauren?” Scotty asked a little out of breath.
“If I wasn’t sure would I be doing it?” Lauren said with a giggle.
“Thats true.” Scotty said and began kissing Lauren. She broke free crossed her arms and pulled her shirt over her head.*
“So thats why I found my purity ring under my bed, covered in spider webs and dust?” Lauren asked.
“Yup, sure is. I thought you had totally memory of that happening Laur.” Scotty said pulling her into a hug.
December 6,2016
I guess my memory didn’t completely come back. Wonder what else I’ll learn when I clean out my closet. Hopefully the whole loosing my virginity in 2013 to Scotty on a back road in Nashville was the only thing I don’t remember. At least it was with Scotty, right? I still broke my promise to God.. Umm.. Yeah. I need to talk to Jerrica. I’m sure I told her about this, right? I’m going in 100 different directions. Like, woah. Breathe Lauren. Breathe.
Thanks for reading! Hope y’all enjoyed part one! God bless! Xoxo(:

Bring Me Down. (McLaina)

Being Me Down-Chapter 46 Part Two.
Jerrica’s POV:
Who is calling me at 2:30 in the morning? My insomniac best friend. That’s who. She doesn’t get some of us actually have to get up and go to work. I pick up the phone, I can’t even get a “hey” out before Lauren starts talking a hundred miles a minute. 
“Lauren…Lauren.. LAUREN!”
“What? I’m trying to ask you if you knew about this?”
“Slow down. I couldn’t understand a word you just said. What am I suppose to know about?”
“Me, Scotty. Back road. Nashville. 2013. The reason my purity ring was in a corner under my bed covered in spider webs and dust? Yeah, my memory, obviously isn’t doing a very good job. Because I didn’t know that THAT happened.”
“Ohh..umm.. Yeah. I knew about that, you kinda, well, I covered for you. CMT’s. That year Scotty broke your heart? That’s why it was so heartbreaking, the whole Amanda thing happened that next night. I figured you would remember that.”
“Obviously I didn’t. When Scotty told me what happened it came back, but if not, I would’ve been totally clueless.”
December 7,2016
Well, being back in Rossville has for sure uncovered stuff I didn’t know. Or didn’t remember, I should say. Just. Woah. Yeah.. OMG. Pia, Haley, Carrie, Jerrica, Katelyn, Lizzi, and Desi. Jerrica being my maid of honor of course! I HAVE to go Christmas shopping today for Scotty and Jerr. They’re the only two I don’t have presents for, probably, because even though I know them so well, they are IMPOSSIBLE to buy for. 
Scotty’s getting new boots, a new plaid shirt in yellow, the ONE color he hasn’t collected over the years, and a new NC State hoodie. Jerrica’s getting new zebra heels and $25 iTunes gift card. That’s the best I could come up with. The mall is sort of cleaned out, being that Christmas is like a few weeks away. I gotta pack to go back out on the road. Scotty’s already back in Massachusetts, he’s doing a solo show. Wahh. It’s boring here. Haha! I guess we can’t be together 24/7, we can’t tour together for the rest of our lives I guess, or can we? (; 
Thanks for reading! This wasn’t a great second part, but I gave it a shot! God bless! Xoxo(:

Bring Me Down. (McLaina)

Bring Me Down- Chapter 47 Part One
“I’m dreaming of a white Christmas.”
December 24,2016
MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE! Scotty isn’t here. He better be on the plane from Oklahoma to Rossville right now. Yes, most of my family has met Scotty, and yes, I told him it was okay if it would be too much flying for him to come, but he insisted..”I’m pretty sure I flew so much in 2012 that flying from Oklahoma, to Rossville, to Garner is nothing.” was his exact words. So, we have my grandparents at 6 tonight. Christmas Eve dinner & presents! It’s been in this setup for years.. It’s gunna be different, instead of spending the entire Christmas day in Rossville, I’m headed out to Garner at 3 with Scotty. I mean I’m excited and I should get used to this, but.. I don’t know, I guess the first time is always different. I’m curious to know what Scotty got me, do I get it today? Tomorrow? It’s killing me.. I hope it isn’t super sweet, I mean.. I know it will be, because that’s just how Scotty is. I feel like I could’ve done better on his gifts. It was just, with touring and then we where on break we where like attached at the hip.. I just NEVER had time to go and get him anything.. Then when I got to go, the mall was CLEANED out. I had little to no choices…
-End Lauren Journal Entry-
“Hey babe, just landed in Nashville. See ya in a few hours, love you! ;)” was the text Lauren read after she closed her computer. Scotty taught her how to make her own text tones, so now everyone he texts her When You Say Nothing At All, their diet version, plays. 
-Scotty & Lauren Texting-
“Okay! Yay! I’ve missed you the passed two days.. Love you too(:”
“Oh my goodness.”
“I just hear LMMD and ILYTB back to back on the radio… I think this radio station is a McLaina shipper ;)”
“Haha! If you are on a Rossville or Chatt station they prbebly do.”
“Oh hey mrs typo queen.”
“Watch yourself McCreery or no presents for you.”
“Okay, I’ll be good……maybe.”

“@ScottyMcCreery: Can’t wait to be back with @Lauren_Alaina for Christmas with the Suddeth’s :)” 
“@MikeMGarner: @ScottyMcCreery have fun kiddo, won’t be the same here with out ya tonight. #dowhatyagottado”
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Bring Me Down. (McLaina)

Bring Me Down-Chapter 47 Part two
“Alright Lauren! Your turn!” Kristy’s voice said at a louder level so Lauren could hear her over the crumpling paper.
“Hmm.. Which one….Scawwty can I open mine from you now, pleassseee!” Lauren said with puppy dog eyes.
“Only if I get to open mine from you next.” Scotty replied
“Either you two get a room or open a present.” Tyler said getting annoyed.
“Ty! Hush!” Lauren said.
“Here, open this one Laur.” Scotty said handing Lauren a long small box that was wrapped in zebra paper, as almost half of Lauren’s presents were wrapped in it. 
Lauren ripped off the paper to reveal a Tiffany’s box. Lauren wasn’t the type to want this crazy expensive, but gorgeous jewelry, but Scotty decided Christmas could be an exception. When Lauren opened the box her face lit up. She opened a beautiful cross necklace. 
“OMG. Scawty! You didn’t have to do this! I love it!” 
“Yes, I did! I’m glad you love babe!”
Lauren leaned over and gave Scotty a peck on the lips. Her second present would have to wait until tomorrow.
Lauren and Scotty were both sitting on their phones scrolling through Twitter and chatting to each other.
“You know, I enjoyed being in Rossville for Christmas Eve. It was just weird, ya know?” Scotty said
“Yeah! I agree, I mean, I’m always there, but not being able to spend half the day with family then the rest with friends… Was different. Just like flying to Garner an being there Christmas day is weird.”
“I guess we have to get used to it though..” Scotty said giving Lauren’s hand a squeeze. A few minutes later their flight to Raleigh was called and Scotty and Lauren were on their way to Garner North Carolina.

“@ScottyMcCreery: Wheels Up✈”
“@Lauren_Alaina: Wheels up✈ with @ScottyMcCreery! #GarnerBound #MerryChristmas”
“@ScottyMcCreery: @Lauren_Alaina uses a lot of hashtags…” 
“@Lauren_Alaina: @ScottyMcCreery & I just got yelled at for having our phones out. #oops #iknowiusealotofhashtagsMcCreery”
Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed it! Spoiler for 48-1: Misteltoe! (; God bless! Xoxo(:

Bring Me Down. (McLaina)

Bring Me Down- Chapter 48 Part One.
“We’re walking in a winter wonderland.”
“@ScottyMcCreery: Snowing? In North Carolina? #rare”
“@Lauren_Alaina: 4 inches of snow. Okay, this is cool. #WhiteChristmas.”
“@ScottyMcCreery: Officially in Garner with @Lauren_Alaina #MerryChristmasbabe #LoveYou :)”
“Merry Christmas kids!” Judy greeted Scotty and Lauren.
“LAUREN!” Ashley came running from living room
“ASHLEY!” Lauren yelled back to Ashley
“First time I’ve seen my official sister in law since the engagement!”
“I know! Crazy right!”
“You know little bro, you could’ve at LEAST called me! All I got was a lousy text.” 
“Sorry sis. Busy country singer, ya know?”
“I know, I know. Family first though.”
“I got it sis.” 
“Hey, kids..” Mike said walking in from the kitchen, Lauren and Scotty hadn’t gotten to move from in front of the front door yet.
“Hey dad!” Scotty said.
“Hey Mr. Mike!” Lauren said.
“Look up you two.” Mike said with a sneaky smile on his face.
Lauren and Scotty looked up to realize they were standing right under the mistletoe. 
“Mom, did you do this?” Scotty asked, Judy shook her head no.
“Ash?” Lauren asked, she shook her head no.
“Dad?” Scotty asked, Mike was smiling, but shook his head no.
“Okay, one of yall put this here!” Lauren said.
“Okay, one of us did,” Ashley said, “you know the rules of the mistletoe, get it over with.” 
Scotty and Lauren kissed, as soon as they did, they heard iPhone cameras go off, then very familiar giggles coming from behind Mike.
When Lauren and Scotty pulled away, Lauren looked around to find Desi and Lizzi standing in the living room door way. She knew then that it was them who planted the mistletoe. Once a McLainer always a McLainer, whether you know us or not, Lauren thought to herself. 
“@Lauren_Alaina: Desi and Lizzi planted the mistletoe… #hadtofollowtherules.” Lauren tweeted with one of the pictures Lizzi and Desi had snapped.
“@iAmAWildflower_: Once a McLainer always a McLainer, right @lizzi_2904?”
“@lizzi_2904: #IAgreeWithDesi.” 
“@ScottyMcCreery: White Christmas, family, Jesus, and great friends. What better way to spend Christmas?”
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Bring Me Down. (McLaina)

Bring Me Down-Chapter 48 Part two
“Santa clause is coming to town.”
“@ScottyMcCreery: @Lauren_Alaina was worried about her presents to me not being good enough…smh.”
December 25,2016
How. Just. Woah. Why. Scotty. Amazing. His gifts. To me, like..omg. So yesterday he gives me a Tiffany’s cross, today he gives me like the most sweetest, creative, amazing, gift ever. I can’t.. Gosh. Okay, so I open this box, inside it has a card that says, “Sorry Laur, this is payback for the boots thing yesterday. Hope you like this gift :) -Scotty” I put his boot box in this huge box, then made the boxes smaller until he finally hit the shoe box. It was kinda hilarious. He rewrapped and reboxed this whole thing, just for payback. I’m opening these boxes until I get to this little box, it’s got a bracelet inside. It has a small half of a heart hanging from it as well as a S and a microphone. How creative is that? It’s adorable. This is what makes it more adorable, Scotty has a key chain, with the OTHER half of the heart, a L, and a microphone. Then after we get done opening presents we go and sit on the back porch and he tells me this,
“Lauren, no words can describe how much I love you. I did this keychain, bracelet deal because I know I’ll have my keys and you’ll always be wearing that bracelet, so we have more than the moon to keep us connected.”<- sweetest thing ever, right? I can’t wait until we’re married. I just really can’t, I’m glad I got out of my douchebag stage and realized Scotty really was a good guy.

-End Lauren Journal Entry-
"Lauren!" Ashley yelled from downstairs. Lauren walked out of Scotty’s room and down the stairs.
"Yeah, Ash?"
"Wanna go on a ride with me? I need to talk to you."
"Sure! Let me put on some shoes and I’ll be right out!" Lauren ran up the stairs and put on her UGG boots then went out the door to Ashley’s car. Ashley and Lauren rode in silence for a few minutes when Lauren spoke up, "What did you want to talk to me about Ash?"
"There’s this..guy.."
"We’be been texting nonstop.. I just don’t know if he likes me or if he likes me- likes me. I’ve talked to so many guys who just want to date me for the fame, its hard TO date anyone."
"What do you guys talk about?"
Ashley reached over and handed Lauren her phone so she could read the messages, and Lauren could tell he “liked her- liked her.”
"Ashley, I think he likes you and not for the fame! What’s he look like?! Not that looks are the only thing that matters.."
Ashley hands her phone to Lauren after quickly scrolling through and finding a picture her and this guy had taken in the park a few days ago. Lauren took the phone looked down at the picture and he jaw dropped. She couldn’t believe who was in the picture next to Ashley.
Thanks for reading! Sorry for the cliffhanger! God bless! Xoxo(: 

Bring Me Down.(McLaina)

Bring Me Down- Chapter 49 Part One
“You start flashin’ that country boy grin and your big city money clip.”
“Uhh.. Lauren? Something wrong?” Ashley looked at Lauren a little confused.
“Oh wrong? Oh..umm.. No! N-n-nothing at all!” Lauren said trying to play off the fact of who she just seen standing beside Ashley in that picture.
“Are you sure?”
“Yup, mmhmm.. Totally okay. Peachy.” Lauren giggled at her peachy comment, got her every time.
December 30,2016
No. Stinking. Way. Ashley. Is. Talking. To. A. Guy. Whose name I don’t remember, but I know his face. It’s vague of what happened between me and him, but something happened, and it wasn’t good.. Soo.. I should probably figure out what happened and who is. I may have to talk to Ashley about it.. I may have to tell him to keep whatever past we have on the DL. Ashley really likes him too, I don’t want to ruin it..
-End Lauren Journal Entry-
“Jerr! Omg.” Lauren said into the receiver
“Lala! Omg. What?”
“I’m gunna text you this picture, tell me who the guy is in it.” Lauren put her phone on speaker and opened a new message then sent the picture to Jerrica.
“Umm..La? You don’t remember who that is?”
“No..I mean it’s vague, but..not really.”
“Oh gawd Lauren! He’s like your stalker! The paparazzi one! He got off with therapy in the court case, it went on when you lost your memory. Wouldn’t Scotty know about him? He saved you from him like twice!”
“Scawty doesn’t know about him, like, him and Ashley anyway.”
“Do you think he’s changed his creepy ways?”
“I mean, he seems like it from the texts..”
“Maybe you should talk to him, his name is Joey.”
“Alright, thanks Jerr. I’m gunna have to talk to him. Ash really likes him. I don’t want it to get screwed up.”
“You’re welcome! Let me know how it goes! Me and Josh are coming up for New Years, just so you know!”
“Yeah, you might as well say you live in Garner now,” Jerrica said with a laugh, “Speaking of.. Have you and Scotty decided where y’all are gunna settle down?”
“Nope. I’ve been putting it off. I know neither of us really want to leave, I mean we barely stay at our apartments in Nashville anymore.”
“Big decision girlie, the wedding is just around the corner, better get to talking.”
“I know. I know. It’s crazy, growing up is hard.”
Thanks for reading! Hope you guys enjoyed! God bless! Xoxo(:

Bring Me Down. (McLaina)

Bring Me Down-Chapter 49 Part 2.
“Love letters on wet paper, forgivers no takers.”
December 31,2016
The final day of 2016. What a year it’s been. So, Yesterday, after I talked to Jerr, I got this weird number on my phone. It was a North Carolina area code, so I figured it was Scotty’s family or friends calling. Not exactly. It was Gabi…
“Hello?” I said into the phone, who know Gabi’s voice would come from the other end, she was crying.
“Lauren?” she asked.
“Yeah? Gabi?”
“Yes, I know you probably don’t want to talk to me, but you’re about to marry Scotty soon. I want to fix this before this insane year ends. I’m clearing this whole situation up.”
“Alright…” was all I said, I had no idea what was going to come out of her mouth.
“Lauren, you know just as well as anybody that Scotty and I had a thing before he went to Idol he liked me, I liked him. He promised Garner that he left Scotty McCreery and he would come back Scotty McCreery. He did, but in a different way. Garner was his safe-haven, the place he could go to escape almost all fame related things. We were all amazed at how easy and carefree he was when people came and asked him for his autograph or a picture. I was the Before Idol Hometown Girl that didn’t care that he won Idol, because he was still Scotty, my Scotty. I realize now why our relationship didn’t work. On Idol and the Idol tour it’s crazy how clear it is that he loved you. No one sang with him like that, no one knows the side of him you know, it’s not magical when he sings with anyone other than you. Lauren, me and Scotty didn’t work because he wanted you. He loved you. I tried in every possible way to be you. I went blonde in 2014 just for Scotty, because I knew to keep him, I needed to be as much like you as possible. Wanna know the exact thing I told him after we broke up?”
I paused for a minute, “Yeah..? Sure..”
“I kept the texts. All these years, because I knew that one day I’d be able to tell you what he’s meant to you since the first day of Hollywood week almost 7 years ago. I’ll let you go now. You probably have big new years plans.”
“Gabi… thanks for telling me this. It really means a lot.”
“You’re welcome Lauren. Good call on ditching the jerks by the way. Scotty’s a keeper.”
“I agree. Talk to you later Gabi.”
We hung up. That was that. I got the screen shot of the texts a few minutes later.. They said:
Scotty: “Gabi,I really don’t think this is working. I can’t do it anymore. You’re arguing with me all the time about my life. I cant be friends with Lauren. I cant bring you to award shows, because you don’t want the fame anymore. I love you, Gabi. But it’s turned back into that love of a friend. I’m sorry for this.”
Gabi’s text had nine words, and nine words only.
“Go fix things with Lauren, I know what happened.”
Thanks for reading! This was a necessary filler chapter and I’m sorry I haven’t been posting a lot lately. I plan on posting one more tonight. God bless! Xoxo(:

Bring Me Down.(McLaina)

Bring Me Down- Chapter 49 Part Three.

“My life is like a lemon drop I’m suckin’ on the bitter to get to the sweet part.”

-Gabi and Lauren Texting-

Gabi, that call you made to me…was..shocking, but amazingly nice. You said how much you wanted to be like me. I spent so many nights and days during Idol wanting to be that girl Scotty texted and Skyped all the time back home. I wanted your life. I wanted to be Scotty McCreery’s girlfriend. I was here stuck with jerks, alcoholics, and paparazzi stalkers. I admired you just as much as I hated you.

Funny how God plays stuff out right? That’s exactly how I felt about you.

You know Gabi? I think this is going to br thw start of a good friendship. Scotty was right about the typos… I will get him back for announcing that to everyone. -End Lauren & Gabi Texting- “Who you texting over there?” Scotty asked Lauren. “You’ll never believe it.” “Luke Bryan? Miranda Lambert? Toby Keith? My sister? George Strait, now that would be a shocker.” “Nope. None of the above. Gabi.” “Seriously?” “Yeah, she explained how things were with you and her and how she wanted to be me and I told her how I wanted to be in her was just a great thing. We decided to be friends and put the past behind us.” “That’s good.” Scotty stopped the truck and Lauren realized they were at Garner Magnet High School, yes, it was a strange place for a new years party, but that’s how the tiny civilization of Garner liked it, don’t ask Lauren why, because she has no idea. Lauren’s phone buzzed and it showed a tweet from Scotty. “I’m proud of @Lauren_Alaina and @Yoo_GabaGaba, the past behind them. #loveyouboth #gladwereallfriendsagain.” Lauren tweeted back. “ScottyMcCreery @Yoo_GabaGaba someone did the Lauren Alaina hashtagging in that last tweet..” “You ready to go in now Lauren?” Scotty asked her. “Yess! I’m too excited to see Jerr and Robert! They’re the next to be engaged. I just know it.” “I hope so! I like Robert for her. He’s a good match.” Scotty got out of the truck, walked to Lauren’s side, opened her door, and helped her out. It was 10:45, they didn’t want to stay at the party long since they had a show the next night and a few other exciting things. -11:45 PM- “ALIGHT! HEY GARNER AND GUESTS IT’S 11:50 TIME TO GATHER AROUND THE TV AND START COUNTING DOWN!” “Come on Laur! If we take to long we won’t be able to see the television!” Scotty yelled as Jerrica nodded and bounced behind him, in excitement. “I’m coming, I’m coming!” When Lauren, Jerrica, Robert, and Scotty all made it over to the large screen it was 11:58. Time to start the countdown.. “TEN, NINE, EIGHT, SEVEN, SIX, FIVE, FOUR,THREE, TWO..” “HAPPY NEW YEAR!” the next thing you know Scotty and Lauren are kissing. The beginning to a great year. Lauren and Scotty pulled away, looked at each other, and said, “2017, here we come.” As soon as they said that, a gunshot was heard.

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Bring Me Down. (McLaina)

Bring Me Down-Chapter 50 Part One.
“God blessed the broken road that led me straight to you.”
Lauren’s POV:
“So Lauren, tell us your and Scotty’s story.”
“Where should I even start and how much time do we have? Because it could take awhile.” 
“Hollywood Week day one. All the time in the world.”
“One thing I think you and all my fans, even Scotty’s fans should know, is that I spent years. I mean yeeeaaarrrsss running from Scotty. Hollywood week day one, the second I started talking to Scotty it’s like something clicked between both of us. We were perfect together, when we sang, we were in perfect sync, and clearly, looking back now, we were in love…we made it pretty obvious. By the time the finale rolled around, I think everyone knew, especially after I planted one on him on national television. The idol tour was a total roller coaster. We had our ups in our relationship and we had our downs. That’s we we never really told anybody, because from one day to the next we didn’t know where it was going.”
Scotty’s POV: (Separate interview same question)
“After the Idol tour, we kept in touch really well.. When I got back to Garner my “boys” reminded me of Gabi and the way life should be in Garner. Nothing out of a place, the perfect place, the water tower town, where everybody waved. They reminded me of what I did by kinda cheating with Gabi on Idol and the tour was wrong, how she’s loved me since 6th grade. I shut Lauren out. I ran from her. When clearly that was a mistake.”
Lauren’s POV:
“2013 CMA’s rolled around.. Scotty and I were back together. Scotty made the decision to cheat on Gabi. Personally I think Scotty went through a rough time, I called him ‘player’ Scotty. Anyway, we snuck around, he swore to me the second he breathed Garner air he was breaking up with Gabi, I believed him. I overthought things, to be honest..”
Scotty’s POV:
“To be honest.. I was heart broken..”
Lauren’s POV:
“I was completely heart broken. Scotty went back to Garner and didn’t break up with Gabi. At least not immediately. After 2013 I spent three years crying, being heart broken, and hating Scotty. When we talked we would argue. I thought everything we had was a joke and a waste of time. When he told me he broke up with Gabi, that’s when I started running. Not for him, but away from him.”
Scotty’s POV:
“I was running away from Lauren, trying to get her back, but not hard enough. Three years, then her manager and my manager had a lightbulb go off, one I swear I wish would’ve happened in 2012, when not only Lauren and I needed it, but when the McLainers needed it.”
Lauren’s POV:
“No. I was not happy about this tour. At all. The next day I got in my accident, I personally think it was a sign from God, a sign I needed to prove that maybe Scotty and I were meant to be. Y’all know the latest drama. Gabi and I are becoming friends. She called me a few days ago and opened my eyes about how I was running from Scotty and a few other things..”
Scotty’s POV:
“I guess, God really has blessed the broken road that led Lauren and I together.”
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Bring Me Down- Chapter 50 Part 2

"Me and God, love her."

January 28,2017

Wow. We have some cathcing up to do. First thing is first… The gun shot heard at the New Years party, no big deal. It wasn’t a gun shot. it was just Will setting off those popper things, you know, the firework things you can get around the fourth of July? Next, Scotty and I are in Long Beach California for a show and MIRANDA LAMBERT and BLAKE SHELTON are guest singing. I know I’ve hung out with them and stuff, but I can’t help but feel all jittery whenever I’m around them, espically Miranda. So yesterday, Scotty and I got interviewed by 93.4 the Big Wave the people putting on our show tonight and they asked us the same questions (which we didn’t know they were doing, probably because we were in seperate rooms) but I played it back and we both said basically the same things. It was crazy. We have one show in Toronto,Canada then one at Nigra Falls National Park in Canda, then we are back in the US for our final show. It’s crazy how fast this tour flew by…not mention how quick the wedding is approaching! Time to go get ready for the show tonight! eep! I’m so excited!! 

-End Lauren Journal Entry_

Scotty’s POV:

I can’t believe how fast this tour is going by. I can’t believe how fast the wedding is coming. Lauren gets so crazy before a show. She’s had two twitter parties and made a random update video. She must be really pumped up about this show. Oh and by the way, Lauren is rambling more than usual. Oh well…me and God love her.

-End Scotty’s POV-

"Let’s shake hands and reach across the party lines" Lauren sang into the mic.

"You’ve got your friends just like I’ve got mine!" Miranda sang into her mic.

Then they sang together, “We might think a little differently but we’ve got a lot in common you will see we’re just like you….ONLY PRETTIER! Well I’ll keep drinkin’ and you’ll keep gettin’ skinnier, we’re just like you, only prettier.” They finished the song and the arena erupted. 

"Miranda Lambert everybody!" Lauren basically yelled into the mic.

"Lauren Alaina soon to be McCreery everybody!" Miranda said into her mic. Lauren giggled and the lights went black. Time for the final song. Scotty and Lauren are doing a cover duet that they had never done before. The song they are doing is, Nobody but Me by Blake Shelton. They turned it into a duet. They sang the song, the crowd went crazy and that was the end of the show for that night. 

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Bring Me Down Chapter 51

"You be my little Loretta, I’ll be your Conway Twitty."

February 14,2017

Happy Valentines Day! It’s been amazing! First Scotty took me out to eat at Hard Rock in Nashville. Then we drove to Chatt and went to a lake right outside of town. We drove the truck down a little path and there was a white fence. Scotty told me to stay in the truck, so I did. He threw a sheet over the fence and pulled out a movie projector. We sat in the truck and watched it. It was McLaina, throughout the years. It was pretty amazing to see how much we’ve grown. Not just in aging, but how far we’ve come in our careers. Looking back, our attraction for each other was pretty apparent. No wonder the McLaina fans out there were so hard core. Anyway, it’s been great. OH! I almost forgot! Scotty had a dozen daisy’s delivered to the apartment this morning. I told him he didn’t have to get me anything, flowers would be fine since we are getting married so soon. But being Scotty before we ate he took me cowgirl boot shopping. Like I need another pair! They have zebra at the top and they are baby blue. I think they are cute! Now it’s Scotty’s turn to be surprised. Erin Andrews. Yeah, I got her to come eat ice cream with us. I know it’s not amazing, but..The bow loves Erin Andres. It’s almost time for us to go to Canada! I’m so excited for tonight and Canada! ahh! 

-End Lauren Journal Entry-

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Being Me Down- Chapter 52
"She wants to fly and never look down."
April 8,2017
CANADAAAAAA! I talked to Lily today, you know the girl who opens for us? This is the first time I’ve actually really talked to her. She is going through something VERY similar as to what I was going trough when I was 16 and famous country star.. A love that had to be hidden. <— boy, didn’t that sound like a lifetime movie. She has a certain American Idol winner that she’s become rather acquainted with, even though she wasn’t on the show. Weston Michals. He even has that country star name if you ask me. He’s off doing shows on the side right now, but they’re in Nashville a lot together here lately. They already have a ‘ship’ name Willy. Haha. Williers.. Sorry. It’s funny. If I was a crazed Tumblr fangirl (which by the way I made a tumblr a few days ago) I would ship them. Lily has long curly two-toned hair except hers is black with Carmel at the bottom. Maybe be and this Lily girl have more in common than I thought? Time to get ready for the show tonight.
-End Lauren Journal Entry-
"@Lauren_Alaina: Hello Canadaaaaa! Y’all ready to rock? #pumpeduptweet”
After Lauren tweeted that she got replies, as usual. She read them, as always. One in particular made her laugh:
"@heyheyheymickey: so..@Lauren_Alaina When you and McCreery get married are you gunna change your user to @/Lauren_McCreery? Or..?”
She retweeted, favorited, and replied.
"@Lauren_Alaina: @heyheyheymickey dunno.. Good question! #somethingtothinkabout”
She then went and scrolled through her timeline.
"@ScottyMcCreery: cue the Rocky music.”
Lauren and Scotty finished their sold out show in Toronto. Now it was time to head to Niagara Falls, the most romantic place in the world. Anything could happen.
Thanks for reading! God b
Being Me Down- Chapter 52
"She wants to fly and never look down."
April 8,2017
CANADAAAAAA! I talked to Lily today, you know the girl who opens for us? This is the first time I’ve actually really talked to her. She is going through something VERY similar as to what I was going trough when I was 16 and famous country star.. A love that had to be hidden. <— boy, didn’t that sound like a lifetime movie. She has a certain American Idol winner that she’s become rather acquainted with, even though she wasn’t on the show. Weston Michals. He even has that country star name if you ask me. He’s off doing shows on the side right now, but they’re in Nashville a lot together here lately. They already have a ‘ship’ name Willy. Haha. Williers.. Sorry. It’s funny. If I was a crazed Tumblr fangirl (which by the way I made a tumblr a few days ago) I would ship them. Lily has long curly two-toned hair except hers is black with Carmel at the bottom. Maybe be and this Lily girl have more in common than I thought? Time to get ready for the show tonight.
  • -End Lauren Journal Entry-
"@Lauren_Alaina: Hello Canadaaaaa! Y’all ready to rock? #pumpeduptweet"
After Lauren tweeted that she got replies, as usual. She read them, as always. One in particular made her laugh:
"@heyheyheymickey: so..@Lauren_Alaina When you and McCreery get married are you gunna change your user to @/Lauren_McCreery? Or..?"
She retweeted, favorited, and replied.
"@Lauren_Alaina: @heyheyheymickey dunno.. Good question! #somethingtothinkabout"
She then went and scrolled through her timeline.
"@ScottyMcCreery: cue the Rocky music."
Lauren and Scotty finished their sold out show in Toronto. Now it was time to head to Niagara Falls, the most romantic place in the world. Anything could happen.
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Bring Me Down- Chapter 53
"I don’t wanna miss a thing."
"SCAWWTTY!!!" Lauren yelled as she came through the bus and into Scotty’s bunk. Everyone was out site-seeing at the Falls. 
"Lauren? What is it?"
"Don’t you think we’ve drug our relationship out long enough?"
"7 years?" Scotty said questioning.
"Yeah. 7 flippin’ years. We’ve been through plenty Scotty. We’ve LOVED each other for 7 YEARS! Why don’t we just go."
"Go what?"
"Go run off and get married. Right here. Right now."
"Lauren.Our wedding is in a few weeks. Why should we go on now? I know you’re anxious because I am too.. Its so close now, and we’ve paid for everything and everything is laid out."
"But Scawwty." Lauren said. The "aw" in Scotty always came out more when she was being "puppy dog like" as Scotty called it.
"But Scotty nothing, Lauren. I hate to be the one who puts their foot down because we don’t do that but think about it. Your..our.. dream wedding is waiting for us, back home in Nashville."
"I guess you are right. I guess I am just really anxious for this wedding to happen…"
-April 20,2017-
"Carrie! I’m so glad you could make the shower!"
"I’m one of your bridesmaids! How could I miss it?" 
"Good point there! Where’s Mike? Guys can come you know! Poor Scotty’s the only male so far."
"Mike’s home with the twins. My sitter was sick otherwise I would’ve drug him along!"
-2 Hours Later-
"Gift time!!" Jerrica announced to everyone at the shower.
After everyone got situated Lauren and Scotty began opening their presents. They got: a smoothie maker, a toaster oven, a silverware set, several gift cards to various places for things for their home, wherever that may be, and some more home necessities. Overall the day was a success. The wedding is approaching the Suddeth and McCreery families quicker than anyone in the family could imagine.
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Bring Me Down- Chapter 54
"Some people care about what other people think."
"New iMessage: Collin"
"Hey man! We’re still on for golf today, right?"

Scotty replied,
Of course! I promised my best man a final round of golf together before I become a married man. 12 sound good?”

Collin replied,
Sounds good! Meet you at Heatherwoods at 12.”

"Who ya textin’?" Lauren said in a cute flirtly tone.
"Collin. I’m taking him out for a round of golf today since he my best man."
"You know what?"
"I’m glad he’s your best friend. I swear I think he is the only one of your friends that truly likes me."
"Babe, don’t worry about my friends. They’re comin’ around."
"So, you and Lauren decided where you guys are gunna live?"
"No.. that’s a topic I think we are both avoiding."
"Garner misses seein’ you 365/24/7."
"I miss seein’ Garner everyday… Just like I know Lauren misses Rossville. Nashville is the obvious place we need to stay because of our careers, but I know we both want to be in one of our hometowns."
"That’s true brother. What if y’all met us all in the middle? Maybe like…."
"haha! I guess that is about the mid point huh?"
"Yup. Basically it is. I don’t know.. I guess we’ll have to figure it out. Until then I guess we will just hang out in our apartments in Nashville."
"Nice golfin’ with ya today man! I’ve got a crazy bachelor party planned for ya."
"I told ya I didn’t want to crazy. I have morals ya know."
"I know. I know. See ya in a few days."
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Bring Me Down. (McLaina)

Chapter 54:
May 9,2017
Lord help me. Kyle, Colin, and Will are throwing Scotty his bachelor party tonight. I just have to remember that tomorrow night is my bachelorette party! I don’t think I ever mentioned we decided to get married in Nashville. That’s a middle point for both sides.
-End Lauren Journal Entry-
*Scotty’s POV:*
The boys are taking me to Bojangles to eat then Colin is throwing this shin-dig in his basement. I’m not expecting much.
*9:00 PM Colin’s POV*
I know Scotty said he has morals, and I know that. But we’ve already got him pretty drunk, it was A LOT easier than we thought. Considering he hasn’t had more than 5 beers in his life. That changed tonight…. By a lot… Like 10.. The guy is working on number 16 at this minute. It’s gunna be interesting to his reaction when the dancers come in. Hopefully with him being drunk he won’t freak… But, who knows.
-End Colin’s POV-
*10:30 PM Scotty’s POV*
I was sitting in a chair, blind folded, trying to finish my beer. I lost count at 9. Lauren’s gunna kill me. But hey, you’re only a bachelor once right? Unless she breaks the engagement over this. She won’t. I hope. Anyway, focus Scotty. Wait, this is so weird. I’ve never been drunk before… This whole party is so unlike me.
-End Scotty POV-
*Kyles POV*
I can tell Scotty is already regretting how drunk he is. This isn’t gunna end well. I know my best friend way too well.
-End Kyles POV-
*Will’s POV*
“New iMessage to Lauren soon to be McCreery: hey Lauren.. Umm.. Just be prepared for Scotty when he gets back to y’all’s house. We love you. Don’t kill us.”
“Man, what did you just do?” Colin whispered to me.
“I sent Lauren a text.”
“To not want to kill us when Scotty comes home.”
“YOU WH- wait.. That was a good idea. Good call, man.”
-End Will’s POV-
*Laurens POV*
“New iMessage: Will.”
Popped up on my screen. Oh lord, I thought to myself. This isn’t gunna be good. I slid the message icon to open the text, it said, “hey Lauren.. Umm.. Just be prepared for Scotty when he gets back to y’all’s house. We love you. Don’t kill us.”
Be prepared? What’s that supposed to mean? Dear Lord, help me Jesus, not to want to kill everyone of those boys when Scott shows up. Please.
Sorry it took so long! As most of you know I want this whole story to end perfect! I’ve also been busy! Thanks for sticking with me! God bless! Xoxo(:

Chapter 55 Part One:
May 10,2017 
Scott Cooke McCreery. I could’ve killed him for being so drunk and killed everyone of the groomsmen for letting him get that drunk. I wasn’t gunna argue, because, well, as we all know when we spilt up for awhile I did some crazy drinking. I let it slid, and hey! It was his bachelor party! Today is my bachelorette party!! YAY! At 6:30 Ashley, Maria, Carrie, Jerrica, Skylar, AND Miranda will be meeting me at a nail salon in Nashville to get ManiPedis for the wedding! Then out to eat at, where else? Hard Rock Cafe. After that in pretty sure we are going to Coyote Ugly.. But I’m not really sure.
-End Lauren Journal Entry-
All the girls where in the middle of their pedicures when Carrie spoke up.
“So when are we gunna expect some McLaina babies?”
Lauren began to laugh hysterically.
“What’s so funny Laur?” Carrie asked and gave everyone a confused look.
Lauren couldn’t stop laughing.
“Seriously lala, what’s funny? You better not already be pregnant.” Jerrica said a little too seriously
Lauren finally caught her breath.
“No you guys, I’m not pregnant already. It was funny because, when I turned 18 and Scotty turned 19 all the interviewers always asked us when we were gunna have our first drink and who would we have it with, we weren’t even 21 yet! Now everyone asks us when we are having kids, and we aren’t even married!”
“That is pretty funny..” Maria said.
“No McLaina babies soon?” Carrie asked
“Scotty and I haven’t even talked about where we are gunna live, let alone kids.”
“YOU HAVEN’T TALKED ABOUT THAT?!” Jerrica said with wide eyes.
“Where do you want to Laur?” Carrie said.
“Ugh. What are my options again?” Lauren said non enthusiastically.
“Rossville,” Jerrica began but was interrupted by Maria yelling, “Holla!” From two seats down.
“Garner,” she was interrupted again by Ashley saying, “Home sweet home!”
Lauren giggled.
“Nashville.” Miranda and Carrie said, “Over here!” Then began laughing.
“I don’t know. Rossville is my home, Garner has my heart, and Nashville has my life.”
“You & Scotty can always come and live in Oklahoma with me and Blake!” Miranda said.
“Sounds good! Meet ya after the honeymoon at 3 for moving time?”
Everyone burst out laughing.
“You and Scotty really do need to talk about this.” Carrie said.
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Chapter 55 Part Two:
“Yeah this is my town, na na na na na.”
After Lauren finished getting her Mani-Pedi, she told everyone she would meet them at the restraunt. She had to go talk to Scotty about where they were gunna live.
*At Scotty’s Apartment in Nashville*
Lauren unlocked the door and walked in.
Scotty came out from the bathroom buttoning up his shirt, he had a radio interview today.
“What is it Laur?”
“Nice to see you’ve sobered up.”
“After puking about twenty times, I’m pretty sober. What did you want to talk about?”
“What everyone wants to know.”
“McLaina children?”
“No. What our friends and family want to know.”
“Oh.. That.”
“Scotty, you know you have my heart. So my hearts in Garner. I know your home is Garner. I know how much you love Garner. But Rossville is my home. I love it just as much as Garner. But then there’s, here. Nashville, where our careers are.”
“I’ve been thinking about this too.”
“And.. I have an idea that I’ve been waiting to tell you.”
“Which is?”
“How about Gatlinburg?”
“Why Gatlinburg?”
“Well, first there’s the beautiful mountains. Second, it’s not far from North Carolina, and it’s not far Rossville.”
“From Gatlinburg to Garner is like 8 hours.”
“Bout the same from Nashville. We can fly and be back at both of our hometowns in a little under a hour.”
“You have a point… Maybe we should just stay in Nashville Scotty.” Lauren said and Scotty pulled her into a hug.
“We’ll figure it. I promise.” Scotty said kissing her head. “Now, will you go back to your party and have fun?”
“I guess if I have to.” Lauren said with a wink and kissed Scotty on the lips.
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Chapter 55 Part 3-
“If you’re lookin’ for trouble.”
May 11,2017
So my bachelorette went really good! Scotty & I have made a big decision. Our living location. We will be staying in Nashville. But not in one of our apartments. We are going house hunting when we get back from our honey moon and when the tour ends. Until then we will be living in my apartment, but it’s temporary. Our wedding day is SUPER DUPER CLOSE. I’m so excited. I need to work on my vows some more though.
-End Lauren Journal Entry-
“Knock knock.” Scotty said from behind the door, playing the game he and Lauren played when she lost her memory.
“Who is it?” Lauren said going along with the old game.
“American Idol winner. Take a guess.”
Scotty opened the door with a grin on his face and Lauren started laughing.
“Boy, you look nothing like Kelly Clarkson.” Lauren said wrapping her arms around Scotty’s neck.
“Have I told you I love you lately?” Scotty asked.
“It’s been about 30 minutes.”
“What was I thinking? You deserve to be told you are loved AT LEAST every five minutes.”
“This is why I’m marrying you, McCreery.” Lauren said as she gave Scotty a kiss.
“And that’s why I’m marrying you, Suddeth.”
“Really, Scott?”
“Oh no. Saying my name like my momma did when I was little and in trouble.”
“Why do you make it impossible for me to be mad at you?” Lauren said tapping her foot.
“I don’t know.” Scotty winked and gave her sloppy kiss and walked out.
Lauren ran after him and yelled, “Where do you think you’re going McCreery?!”
Scotty stopped and turned around.
“You do realize what today is right?”
“May 11,2017.?”
“Yes.. What were we doing in this day in 2011?”
“OH MY GOSH. The movies in Hollywood.”
“What did we do there?”
“Kissed in public for the first time.”
“In an empty movie theatre.”
“But it counts.”

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Chapter 56 Part One.
“Momma you told me to do the right thing.”
Well, the time has come. This is the wedding chapter. For me, it’s really bittersweet. This is practically the point when writing my story where I finally realized I had accomplished something. A lot of people on twitter told me I couldn’t do it. A few people even told me they didn’t think I was gunna finish this story. This is for every person who said I wouldn’t make it to the wedding.
May 25,2017
IT’S THE WEDDING DAY!!!! AHHH!!! I can’t believe that in a few hours I’m gunna be Mrs. Scotty McCreery. We’ve already been named the newest Blake and Miranda. Which is pretty coo since they’re both in it.. Time to go get ready! I haven’t stopped smiling since the second I woke up this morning. Which was 5:30 AM, by the way.
-End Lauren Journal Entry-
“@MikeMGarner: @ScottyMcCreery well son, this is the moment we’ve been waiting for since 2010. I’m glad I can say, ‘atta boy.’ You’ve got yourself a keeper.”
“@JudyMacGarner: Cant believe my baby boy is getting married today. I wouldn’t let just anyone be his wife you know? ;) #SecretMcLainaShipper.”
“@Kristytara: @Lauren_Alaina baby girl, today is the day. Couldn’t be happier for you. I love you.”
Lauren was scrolling through her timeline in the bridal room as Scotty was also scrolling through his timeline in the groomsmen room.
Lauren’s POV:
“Has your phone been exploding today?” Miranda asked Lauren.
“More than usual? Yep. Sure has! Did this happen on your wedding day to?”
“Yup, it’s been 7 years and the whole “Blake and Miranda got married!” Thing is JUST now dying down.”
“With the fans y’all have I say it will be 20 years before the “McLaina Marries!” Buzz slows down.” Ashley said.
“LaLa? Did you get the text from your daddy this morning?” Kristy asked her daughter, she was still very emotional, and had been since she woke up.
Lauren flipped her mom around and showed her the icon over top of her ‘Messages’ app. There was 105 texts. “I haven’t even tackled the messages yet. I’m going to now.”
Lauren found the text from her dad,
“Podunk, I just want to let you know, I wouldn’t let you marry just anyone. I hate you’re loosing my last name today, but I can’t wait to walk you down the isle. You can be a little bratty sometimes ;) I still love you to the moon and back, maybe even more than your mother, just don’t tell her. I love you, Podunk. Never forget it.”
Lauren read the text, got up from the chair she was sitting in, walked over to the groomsmen room and knocked on the door.
“Who is it?” Will yelled from the other side.
“Lauren! Send my daddy out.” Lauren said with a shaky voice. JJ walked out, Lauren held up her phone, and started crying. Lauren pointed to her dads message and said, “Way to make me cry daddy.” JJ smiled, pulled Lauren into a hug, and for the thousandth time today said, “I love you Podunk.”
I know this wasn’t the BIG wedding chapter with the details, but I felt like this part of the chapter and the next part was necessary. Thanks for reading! God bless! Xoxo(:Chapter 56 Part Two.

"He’s mine, that one." 

Scotty’s POV:

Scotty, focus. You’ve sang in front of thousands of people for years now. If you can do that, you can get married, right? You can walk down the isle and not throw up right? That’s gunna be the easy part. Kissing Lauren in front of her daddy is another story. Okay, JJ isn’t that scary, he’s really nice. But, what every guy should know is, don’t mess with a girl who’s daddy has a gun. I know he won’t do anything, but.. Some how I feel like this day won’t end as perfect as it should.

"Hey, man. What’s on your mind?" Blake asked.

"Oh.. Umm.. Nothing.."

"Let me guess, worried about kissing Lauren in front of her daddy?"

"How’d you..-" Blake cut him off.

"I married Miranda Lambert, she has a pretty badass family," Blake said laughing a little, "Love her dad to death, but a daddy that owns a gun is still scary as hell." 

"Glad I’m not the only who thinks that." Scotty replied feeling a little more calm.

"Brotha, c’mon!! Mike, fix his tie up! It’s almost MCLAINA WEDDING TIME!!" Colin yelled into the doorway of the groomsmen room. 

"This is it son."

"This is it." Scotty said letting out a breath of air he didn’t know he was holding.

Scotty walked out of the groomsmen room and into the hallway following behind Colin and Blake with Mike and Will behind him. As Scotty was walking out of the room, he was looking down and ran his side into a wall. 

"Geez! Who’s kid is this anyway?!" Will said with a laugh

Mr. McCreery laughed, raised his hand, and said, “He’s mine,” then he pointed to Scotty, “that one.” 

"Very funny guys."

Blake said from the front, “Good ole Rodney Atkins. Never gets old.” They all laughed and approached the doors of the church ready to walk in. 

I felt that if Lauren got a chapter with her dad & mom that Scotty needed a good ole Mr.McCreery chapter too! Hope y’all enjoyed! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! God bless! Xoxo(:

Chapter 56 Part Three

"Now you’ve got to let your baby fly." 

Lauren’s POV:

I’m at the doors of the entrance of the church. Clutched on to my daddies arm ready to walk in. Before the doors opened I said, “Don’t let me fall daddy.” I seen his eyes tear up, “Never, Podunk. Never.” Great. Now my eyes are starting to water. The church doors opened and I saw the church, exactly how I wanted it. Down the isle were baby blue petals that the flower girl, Carrie’s little girl Avery, dropped. Then on the pew’s there were beautiful baby blue and red bows with white ribbon trailing at the bottom. At the alter, there stood a very handsome Scotty, soon to be my handsome husband Scotty. Behind him was a wooden archway that had the same ribbons as the pews. To the left of the alter stood Maria, Lizzi, Desi, Carrie, Miranda, and Jerrica in their baby blue cocktail bridesmaid dresses and red heels. To the right of the alter stood Colin, Will, Tyler, Blake, Kyle, and Mike dressed in their blue jeans, red vests, and cowboy boots.  In the front pews in front of the bridesmaids I saw my family dressed in baby blue, then in front of the groomsmen I saw Scotty’s family dressed in red. Scotty wore blue jeans, a red vest with a white button up underneath, and a baby blue tie. I could already see his blue eyes popping out. The church looks beautiful. This day is perfect.

Scotty’s POV: 

I saw the doors open and there stood Lauren, hanging on to Mr. Suddeth. She looked beautiful in her white dress that hit at the knee, red cowboy boots with some baby blue 

on them, and her in general. This is going to be perfect.

*Wedding Details*

The mothers walked into “Like My Mother Does.” Lauren felt a little self centered using one of her own songs in the wedding, so they got their album managers to mix “Like My Mother Does” and “Back on The Ground” together. Since they both mean a lot to each of them. Mike & the grandfathers walked in during the end of the LMMD & BOTG mix.  The bridesmaids and groomsmen walked in to, “She Gets Me” by Gary Allan.

Thought I would include a detail of the decor chapter! Hope y’all enjoyed! God bless! Xoxo(:

Chapter 56 Part Four

"I love you this big." 

"We have come together at the invitation of  Lauren Alaina Kristine Suddeth  and  Scott Cooke McCreery to celebrate the uniting in Christian love, their hearts and lives. This is possible because of the love God has created in them, through Jesus Christ. Who has prepared to give this lovely young lady to this country singer today?" 

The crowd chucked. JJ replied, “I suppose her mother and I will.”

"The bride an groom have prepared their own vows to tell each other."

Scotty went first, “Lauren, I first met you week one of Hollywood week on a show called American Idol in 2010. Our fanbases joined together and formed a thing called ‘McLaina’. From I Love You This Big I always told you me and you were gunna stay together. I didn’t lie. I love you to the moon and back, Suddeth.” Scotty finished looking at a teary eyed Lauren who had that smile of hers on her face, he smiled back. 

"Lauren.." The preacher said giving her her cue.

"Scotty, you’ve called me a chatterbox ever since the first time I met you. You’ve called me a character a few times too, I promise I’ll keep this short….ish. I promise I will always love you. All the time. You have been my rock for the longest time and I just realized it. You helped me get my memory back and put my life back together. I’m also a little surprised you didn’t use this, but, I love you this big." Lauren said the last line stretching her arms apart. 

"I know pronounce you, husband and wife, you may now kiss the bride." Scotty stood smiling for a minute, Lauren gave him a look, and finally, Mr. Mike finally said outloud, "Kiss her already, son!" Lauren & Scotty kissed, the crowd awed, Jerrica handed Lauren her bouquet, and the preacher said, "I know present you, Mr. And Mrs. Scotty McCreery!" The crowd stood and clapped and awed.  When Lauren and Scotty got outside the whole church went silent and as if it was scripted everyone said, "Finally." 

Twitter officially began exploding, 

"@JerricaBrooke: Finally."

"@ashleymccreery2: Welcome to the family @Lauren_Alaina. #finally"  

"@Kristytara: baby girl is finally married. Lauren McCreery has a nice ring to it."

"@MikeMGarner: Welcome to the family Lauren. Love you and Scotty both."

"@JudyMacGarner: Little Scott is now married. Welcome to the family Laur. #loveyouthisbig #finally." 

Thank y’all for reading! Hopefully I made this chapter what y’all expected! God bless! Xoxo(:

Chapter 57 Part Two:

Hopefully this chapter will clear some things up for y’all!


"Oh kiss me like you mean it."

*Flashback April 8,2017*

Scotty and Lauren were kissing and getting very into it. Lauren drug Scotty from the living room to the bed room. They ALMOST had sex that night. But not quite. 

"Scotty.." Lauren whispered in between kisses.

"Yeah..?" Scotty replied out of breath.

"We have a month."

"I know. I know."

"We should probably stop."

"We should."

"I think that’s for the best. Plus, we already broke a promise to wait until marriage once. The least we can do it wait a month."



"I can’t believe we’ll be married in a month."

"Me either…"

*Present Time*

"Oh my god…" Lauren said through the curtain.



"Yes, Lauren?"

"Why are we worried about being pregnant right now? We haven’t had sex since that night like 7 years ago.."

Scotty burst out laughing. “We really know how to think the worst things first don’t we?”

Lauren laughed and came out of the bathroom. “Yeah, yeah we do.” Scotty pulled her into a hug.

The flight attendant walked by and said, “We are about 15 minutes away from landing, y’all better get back to your seats.”

Lauren and Scotty walked back to their seats. Lauren leaned over Scotty and looked out the window, she saw nothing but beautiful blue water. “Oh my gosh. It’s beautiful. I’ve forgotten how gorgeous it was here!” 

"I have too! I really can’t wait to get on the beach now!"

"Speaking of, what’s planned for tonight Mr. McCreery?"

"I don’t know, Mrs.McCreery. You’ll have to wait and see." Scotty said with a wink. 

"Ugh." Lauren slouched back into her seat and crossed her arms. "I hate surprises." 

*That night 6 PM*

"Scawwty!! Ugh. Ah! When can I take this blind fold off! It’s dark!" 

"Haha, you said that when you came and brought me out from backstage that night in LA when we sand together." 

"Hey I did didnt I! They turned out the lights on me! Seriously, when can I take this off?"

"Right.. About…… Now!" 

Lauren took the blind fold off and saw the most gorgeous set up she had ever seen before. There was a table with a yellow table cloth over it, two chairs, with candles, located right on the beach. A man brought out some food for them to eat. 

"Lauren, I know this isn’t something you probably want to talk about on our honeymoon, but we have to decide." 

"Decide what?"

"Where we are gunna live."

"Ugh. I hate this topic…"

"I know, but we gotta choose."

"I say Nashville is the best place. It’s close to Lizzi & Desi, Garner and Chatt. And it’s kind of the source of our careers."

"I guess you’re right."

Scotty and Lauren continued talking until late that night. Before they would know it their honeymoon would be over and they would be singing at the last show on the “No Regrets” tour.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Sorry it took my so long to update! My wi-fi was down all last week! Not my best work either! God bless! Xoxo(:

Chapter 58 

Only one more chapter to go! Then the story will be over. :( BUT there will be a sequel! (: 


"I loved her, with no regrets, piece of mind, lived so much in so little time."

"HOW ARE Y’ALL DOIN’ TONIGHT?!" Lauren yelled into the mic as the crowd cheered.

"Sounds like they’re doin’ pretty good Lauren!" Scotty said into his mic. 

"Alright! I want to welcome to the stage a man who took a big part in the creation of this tour and has lately been an inspiration of Scotty and Me, give it up for Mr. Gary Allan!!" 

Gary came on stage and he, Lauren, and Scotty all sang No Regrets and a few other songs together for the final show. 

*Laurens POV*

"I can’t believe it’s over. I mean, when I started this tour I didn’t even have a memory. Here I am married. This is all so crazy."

"I can’t believe it’s over either Laur. It’s been a wild ride that’s for sure." Scotty said.

"A wild ride no one will forget." Kristy chimed in.

"Not to change the subject, but have you two found a place yet?" 

"Yup. In a neighborhood not to far from Nashville. Brad lives about 2 miles from there. It’s a farm!" Scotty explained.

"Yeah! It’s a FARM! We’re gunna get horses and dogs and cats and all kinds of animals! I’m so excited!" Lauren said bouncing in her seat.

"She was more excited about the farm part than house." Scotty said

"I can imagine." JJ said. 

"Momma, daddy, momma Judy, Mr. Mike? Wanna come down tomorrow?! We’ll have a BBQ and you can see the house! Lizzi, Desi, and Jerr are coming too!"

"We’d love too!" They all said in unison. 

This is perfect. My whole family and my closest friends all coming to MINE and SCOTTY’S house for a Barbeque. Life is perfect. 

Thanks for reading! Happy Thanksgiving again! God bless! Xoxo(: 

Chapter 59

After this, there will be an epilogue and then Bring Me Down is officially over. But I’m working on a sequel as we speak! I hope I make this chapter what you all have wanted! (:


June 1,2017

It’s almost been a year since I had my first in counter with Scotty since 2012. I’m now married to the man of my dreams living in the house of my dreams. I’m not gunna say we aren’t trying for a baby but I’m not gunna say we are. It would be great to have kids.. But I think we are gunna wait a while. Our careers are at an all time high right now. Scotty has a new album coming out and our new duet album, “McLaina: Past & Present” and it’s really cool! It has songs from idol on it that we’ve re-recorded and a few new ones! I think the fans are gunna love it! It’s amazing how far we’ve both come in 7 years. I look back to last July and wonder what my life would be like right now if my team and Scotty’s hasn’t come together and thought about a tour, I wonder where I would be if Jerrica and I had gotten in that wreck and if Scotty hadn’t come to be my hero and rock and get my memory back. I know I defiantly wouldn’t be where I am now. I probably would still be in Nashville, in my little apartment with Tipsee, writing about my hate for Scotty McCreery. No way in the world would I be writing saying how happy I am as Lauren McCreery. I guess God works in mysterious ways. I’m glad his plan is playing out good. Life’s turning into a beach and I’m loving playing in the sand.

-End Lauren Journal Entry-

"Whatcha typing about Mrs. McCreery?" Scotty asked as he walked in.

"About how God’s plan is really playing out well." Lauren replied with a smile on her face.

"It really has hasn’t it?" Scotty replied. 

"I can’t wait to see where else our God takes us."

"If he knows us well, it’ll be a wild ride." Scotty leaned in and kissed Lauren. 


I hope you all enjoyed this story. I also hope you are as excited as me to get the sequel! I love all of you for reading and sticking by my side these 5 months! God bless! Xoxo(:

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